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girls vs boys

Posted on 17 June 2011

Not so long ago friends from Cape Town popped in for a visit with their little angel Ava. Hours were spent with her happily playing with her doll and slowly eating a bowl of grapes. Yes it is true - boys and girls are very different in a lot of ways. This picture is taken of Cooper on one of his many circuits around the garden. He is now 10 months and into everyones business! The dirtier the better and 'exploring investigator' should be his middle name. He pumps through heaps of wet, sandy and muddy clothes daily.  Storing objects of all shapes and sizes in his mouth is still very much on his hot 100 list. The other morning I removed a snail from the inside of his cheek!  Every day is an adventure with our little man and he sure keeps us busy.
Love always


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