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two thumbs up!
Posted on 25 May 2011

Greetings and welcome to the start of another awesome week!

I wish I could start by congratulating the Sharks on a great whipping of the Bulls but instead I will focus my attention onto something more positive.
This past Wednesday saw flocks of folk heading for the voters stations. Mike,Coop and I eagerly jumped into the car and headed for Livingston School where we were registered. The whole process was an absolute breeze we queued for about ten minutes and within seconds it was all over.There was such a great vibe and for us as a little  new family we were giddy at the thought of voting for a better sate of affairs for our little Cooper. We left with stained thumbs and heads held high.
As far as my journey to a better me with Lisa Raleigh I have lost 6kgs in 5 weeks.18 to go! check out for my updated blog. Have a fantastic week until we connect again.
Love always