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the land of no

Posted on 19 May 2011

Greetings lady friends
I hope you are happy and well and enjoying another short week. Yesterday we took Coop to the pet store at The Crescent to have his weekly dose of all things cute and small.While in the center I could not believe how many very pregnant mamas-to-be were around. I consciously had to make sure when we made eye contact that I didn't show my relief that it wasn't me. Sheesh I don't miss those last days.
All is grand on this side. Coop is the life and soul of our home. He is just over 9 months and on such a mission to be everywhere all at once. He constantly lives in the land of NO though. He has the greatest selection of toys, pots, pans, boxes, a ball pond, sandpit etc but what delights him the most are my cellphone, laptop, candles, plugs, cords, shoes, stones, snails, shrubs and leaves. Anything that shouldn't be eaten is on his hot 100 list of great things. Last week my folks bought a whole lot of foam corners for the tables and yip you guessed it, they are ALL chewed off.

He is sleeping beautifully thank goodness. Every night after his bath, which he loves, it's bottle time and he is down from 6:30pm until 5:30am. There are a few new teeth on the way to join the already 8 gleaming ivorys, which I am sure will make themselves known. He is also very vocal and has a wonderful sense of humour. It is true what so many mums have said along the way: parenting just gets better and better. He is now at a stage where everyday there is a new development and more fun to be had.
As far as my progress to a better me with Lisa Raleigh: in just 4 weeks (and 3 days) I have lost 5.4kgs and 42cm. Totally delighted and working hard to get this right and keep it right.

With love

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