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clay and husk

Posted on 19 April 2011

Dear Friends
How deelish was the rain over the weekend. I did next to nothing other then snuggling in my pj's next to 3 cute gingers.
Today is day six of my detox and with my first work out and colonic irrigation under my belt (ha ha!) I am feeling super!
My morning started off with my 'before' photo shoot. Getting into my underwear complete with a jelly belly and stretch marks, I usually would have needed a stiff drink. Today however I was oh-so-keen to bare all of my soon-to-be old self.
As far as what I have been eating for the last few days: I have snacked on a vast variety of fresh fruit and veg, as well as nuts, fish, potatoes, water, green tea, liquidised green veg and clay and husk. Clay you say? Yup clay. 3-5 times a day I drink half a glass of water with clay and husk. The clay comes in a white bucket and is full to the brim with soft clay. As the husk hits the water it swells. I hit it back as fast as a late night tequila, a thing that now seems to exist only in my past life.
I haven't been hungry or peckish even once. I do think of my dear old friends wine and coffee with great affection, but one day we will be one.

Cooper is still teething and looks so delightful with his shiny white half pips. He has never fussed about sleeping and over the last couple of nights it has been really character building. He will fall asleep in my arms and then as soon as I put him down in his cot he wakes and cries. We tried the whole leaving him to bellow for a while (60 seconds) thing, but Mike and I sit rattled outside his room watching the seconds go by. It is not our first choice of sleep training. We will see how we go.
Wishing you a happy rest of the week and enjoy ALL the upcoming public holidays.
Love always

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