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kittens, cousins and a health scare
Posted on 7 April 2011

Greetings Dear Friends,
I hope this blog entry finds you happy and well.
So sorry for the silence of my behalf. Sho! things have been pretty hectic and we have hit the road running this year. In a brief overview since we last connected:
Cooper has never so much as had a snuffly nose and a few weeks ago we had quite a scare. It so happened Mike and I had been at a wedding the night before and were woken up in the early morning with a phone call from my Mum saying Cooper wasn't himself. Fast forward three hours and we were at Parklands Hospital with a very sick little boy. He was groaning and clearly having some
difficulty breathing. The fear I felt while waiting for blood and urine tests as well as chest and stomach x-rays is a fear I hope I never feel again. I was beside myself with sheer hysteria and felt as if my world was hurtling out of control. It turns out he had an airborne bacterial infection in the lining of his little lung. Mike and I spent the night next to Coops bed while my folks camped outside. We were discharged the next day, but were back again at 3am the following morning with a high temperature and the deep haunting sound of the groan.  All I can say is thank goodness for Dr Roos. He is the most comforting and amazing man.The world is a better place with him in it. Thank you for taking my distressed 2am phone call and looking after us with such care.

Coop is super well and a strong little warrior. He is already 8 months and is ready to run, rap and start adventuring. He has sprouted 6 and a half teeth and more seem to be on their way. He is such a happy and content little being. Mom and Dad as well as the whole family are totally in love.
Talking about family we have two new additions to our beautiful family. I have become an aunt to a precious little girl cousin for Cooper, India Grace - she is gorgeous. I spent a week in Jozi with the new family providing recently learnt skills, such as how to swaddle, burp, rock, sway and tap, and trying to translate the early love language. It is quiet daunting at 4am in the morning with two new parents huge-eyed hoping for a solution to a bubba that doesn't want to sleep. Sheesh talk about pressure! They are doing such a neat job as new parents. How proud I am of my 'little baby' sister.


Our other family member is a ginger playmate for Cooper - an 8-week-old kitten named Fanta. Watching the 2 of them interact is very entertaining. At this stage it is weight vs claws.They both give each other a go as they work out their boundaries.

So the Thomas home is a home full of love, fun and early family gatherings in bed over a 5am bottle and 2 cups of tea. How blessed we are.
Catch up soon.
Love always

5 Comments so far:
Mylena on 17 September 2013
Hey Trevor! Came across your arclite quite by accident. You may remember me from New Forest. I can identify with most of your memories I also went to Montclair Primary and was in SAAF and often got stuck in Villiers! I lived just off Blamey Road Alphen Avenue. Over the past few years New Forest has had quite a few reunions I saw guys I haven\'t seen for many years, some since Matric. You may remember Johnny Banks, Terry Espitalier, Andy Miller, Harry George, Ron Series and many more great seeing them again!
Guillermo on 17 September 2013
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Johamo on 19 September 2013
Michael April 5, 2011 I agree with you James. Nowhere did you say anything about it being BEE, or blame it on BEE. I take the side of thninikg that if you are going to have a countdown to the opening of an airline and site, than you should only do so once you know its going to work. Saying we all make mistakes is like going to a show at the Artscape, which has been advertised for weeks on end, only to find that the lead roles don't know all of their lines, or the dancers don't know the moves, and then saying its ok, we all make mistakes. If you are going to perform at the Artscape, then you make damn sure you will put on a good show, likewise if you are going to launch a new airline with a website and online booking system, you make damn sure its going to work by the time its opened. Its not being an idiot, or having too high expectations, it's called being professional, something too many people don't know enough about. But, too each his own opinion. I do hope that Velvet Sky will make it as an airline and I wish them all the best, its just unfortunate that they started on the wrong foot. [url=]fhcxieqmz[/url] [link=]zcwfzmfk[/link]
Camila on 20 September 2013
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Saharat on 21 September 2013
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