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Fighting the mozzies

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this entry posted 8/3/2011

In less then 2 weeks I am going to be an aunt. I am so excited and these last few days so takes me back to when I was so close to having my own little wonder. Can you believe he is 7 months already?
Sho! Time is just pacing by.

Cooper is still the proud owner of his 2 sharp and shinny teeth. He is a master of sitting, rolling and is so near to full on crawling. Life as we know it I feel is about to change. As for baby proofing the house that is another story altogether!

As usual I have an ingenious product I have to share with you... The other morning Cooper woke up with mozzie bites on his lily white skin. OMG I was like a mad women on the loose looking for the blood sucking baddie.

Chasing the mozzie around, I realised that I was fighting a losing battle, so I thought I would vary my war tactics.
Introducing the DEET-free/non toxic Bugs Lock band from 4akid Child Safety Products. It can be worn for up to 120 hours. Perfect for around your little darlings ankle or wrist. So no more lotion on their delicate skin.
I am so in love with this product. Perfect for humid mozzie filled evenings!


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Visit 4aKid Safety Products for more information about the Bugs Lock band to safely fight mozzies biting your little on'e skin.