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February already?

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this entry posted 2/2/2011

Can you believe it is already February!

It has been a somewhat rocky start to the year. What with the extensive flooding, Madiba not being well, rioting and unrest... sho! too much drama already.

On the home front  Cooper has became a fully fledged human baby with demands. Yip, Master C has come to understand that what Mommy and Daddy suggest is merely a suggestion and is up for debate. This makes negotiations a very interesting process.

On the whole he is a mellow and content soul, but his adventurous spirit and interest in everything is 100% on the go. In the last few weeks he has gone from a baby into a messy noisy little boy. He is so delicious!

Can you believe he is 6 months tomorrow! I know how fast has it gone. Soon he is going to be shaving and driving.

The latest update is that he is eating solids twice a day; with one helping of steamed fruit and veg a day. He has two sharp nashers on the bottom gum, is sitting like a tall little soldier and is hell of a vocal. I must admit I am nervous the day our boy takes to foot - he is already making waves just by sitting and rolling.
The other day we had a superb sandpit delivered from Just For Kids. Oh my! Coop thought this was the best thing to happen EVER! He ate half of the pit and the other half was in his nappy. Good Times:)
I was saying to Mike the other night since having Cooper my life feels full to the brim with joy and purpose. Being a parent to this little boy is my life's work. We are so blessed.
Catch up soon,

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