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I am not sure if you checked out the blog I did just before Cooper was born on the gorgeous ring Poulsen Robertson spoilt me with as a gift on his eminent arrival. If not go and check it out... It truly is one of the most beautiful pieces I own. They have just celebrated their 100th anniversary!
The newest gems in their collection are the Baby Boast charms. A perfect Christmas gift for a doting Mom, Gran, Aunt or God parent. They come in a few different characters and start from R495. 

The Baby Boast charm can either hang off a leather thong, silver chain, black, silver, grey or white braided silk.
Bad Baby: This is the naughty dude. He has a bad boy expression his eyes are black diamonds, only dressed in a nappy  complete with a full and droopy face that you just want to eat with a spoon!

Bling Baby: The boy has a diamond hip pop pendant and diamond belt. Too cool for school is this one. The girl has a diamond necklace and her pig tails are full of diamonds. If I was a pendant I would so love pigtails full of sparkly diamonds.
Bonny baby: (Pictured above) Has your babies name and can be embellished, if requested, with subtly placed gems.
Then there is the added touch of incorporating your little angels thumb print into the piece... HOW COOL! Thumb prints will be taken from the individual baby and these will make up the tummy. Both genders wearing only a nappy. The boys and girls will be distinguished only by the hair, boy will have a tin-tin twirl and the girl will have pig tails. Their individual names will be on the back.
Don't you think this would be an amazing gift to give your child when they 21?!

Should you be keen to add a couple of these delicious charms to your collection contact the team at Poulsen Robertson. 031 5847910/1. The charms are currently available in silver but enquire about other precious metals.

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