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Being a Cancerian child of the universe I am ever so sentimental. I kinda wanna keep everything special always. I have a vision of me when I'm 80 years old surrounded by a lifetime worth of special things... 

So can you imagine my sheer and utter excitement when I came across Remembearance Bears. I actually made a vocal high pitched squeak of delight!
Remembearance Bears are bears that are made from special articles of clothing. So as I type this, Cooper is having a bear made out of the blue and white receiving blankie he used in hospital. How amazing is this concept? Ingenious!
Instead of being 80 years old and surrounded by boxes, I may be having tea parties with a world of special Remembearance Bears!
Whether you’ve lost a loved one, celebrating the birth of a new baby, need a special gift for a best friend or just need a keepsake to cherish a special event, with a Remembearance Bear you can now bring your memories to life in a huggable form!

Maybe you have a pair of pajama’s your little one looks ever so sweet in, or your grandmother’s nightgown... whatever it may be you can take your memories out of the closet and transform them into a Remembearance Bear, whatever the occasion, whatever the memory!


From R300 for a Remembearance Bear, please visit , or call Clair on 082 403 9144

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