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Personalised gift stickers from Nox DesignsFrom as far back as I can remember I have always had a great affinity for stationery... any type. From pens, pencils, novel erasers - I even had one that looked like a vacuum cleaner and it could hoover up the eraser ashes - smart hey?! It was a long standing joke in our family that I had the best stationery and the not so best marks;)
As for stickers, oh my! I was a serious connoisseur of the game. I had every type of sticker known to child, proudly displayed in file(s).

When it came to getting my books ready for school, the whole front lawn would be covered in every type of paper, contact paper, sticky labels and piles of Christmas cards that were used on the front of each book. My sister and I, under the supervision of my mum, went one-for-one as blood could get spilt if the cards weren't distributed fairly. Had NOX Designs been around back then geepuz I really would have been the most stocked kid in creation!
Go and check out Holy smoke! the selection makes my inner sticker lover salivate! NOX design has a sticker for every occasion... No really - EVERY occasion: Best wishes, Birthday, Easter, Fathers Day, Thank You, Shoe labels (how sweet), Personalised Baby on Board stickers, stickers for Boys, Girls and Grown ups. Sho, as you can sense I am getting wound up over all this sticky magic (ok-Jane-just-calm-down).
At R45 a batch, Cooper better watch out he doesn't land up with a stickers all over everything he owns including his sweet little forehead!
NOX Designs also has the most glorious selection of Christmas stickers. Every gift this festive season deserves a NOX creation... if you don't believe me go and check it out for yourself!


Visit NOX Designs at or call Nicky Stark on 082 496 2930.

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