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Review: Re-usable, adjustable fabric nappy

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this entry posted 12/10/2010
Cooper - happy in Cherub Tree nappy
Before Cooper was born I had decided that I was going cotton nappies all the way. Disposable nappies are SO bad for our planet. When Cooper is a Grandpa his nappies will still be on this Earth!
Disposable nappies can take up to 100 years to decompose. Yup! That means every single disposable nappy ever made still exists. How scary is that?
I used disposable nappies (for convenience sake) when Cooper was a newborn. But then I spent hours searching for my ideal fabric nappy.

I spotted the most beautiful fabric nappies from Cherub Tree while wondering around the market at the Hilton Arts festival. They come in a variety of colours butter yellow, sky blue, white, dusty pink and my favourite - fire engine red and black.

What is so cool about these nappies is that (YAY!) they are eco-friendly, and they are designed with poppers. This allows the nappy to adjust to fit your little treasure as he/she grows, so there is no need to buy different sizes.

These nappies are easy to use, easy to wash and easy to dry. You will also save money going this route because, let's face it... how long does a packet of nappies last? And expensive, ha!
Cherub Tree - reusable fabric nappiesDurban moms, can buy the nappies at "Little People" in the BonVie Complex, Windermere ("Finally a place where you can shop, grab a cuppa and chill whilst the kids play").


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