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Does switching the geyser off in the morning, and turning it back on in the evening actually save electricity? OR does the amount of power used to reheat the entire cold geyser of water = the amount used during the day to keep re-heating the warm one?
Any other tips for saving electricity? Am at witts end trying to bring the electricity bill down!

Thank you for your email and well done on trying to save on electricity!  It’s not an easy task, but once you get the family all involved it can be fun and rewarding!

It’s an age old debate about whether turning off the geyser in the morning is REALLY saving on electricity of not.  I think this largely depends on the size of your geyser and the temperature that has been set for the hot water.

The geyser is the most energy hungry appliance in your home.  It is responsible for 39% of your monthly electricity costs!  Here are some ideas on how to try and reduce that consumption:

  • Turn your geyser thermostat temperature down to 55??C.  Having the water too hot is a waste of energy and means that you use more cold water to bring the temperature to a comfortable level for showering/bathing.
  • Insulate your geyser by installing a geyser blanket (available at most hardware & building stores).  This will help to keep the temperature of the water from dropping and the necessity to re-heat it again.  Up to half your hot water bill is spent on reheating water that has gone cold.
  • Take shorter showers and save up to 23 litres of water a minute.

Your kettle is also an energy guzzler…try boiling a full kettle in the morning and filling your thermo-flask to use for cups of tea/coffee later in the morning, instead of re-boiling the kettle each time.

I hope those tips help Claire, and be sure to keep reading the GREEN TIP in the MomsMatter newsletter each week for more ideas of how to save energy & water and live a healthier, greener and cleaner lifestyle!


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