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Cooper loves a Massage

... Jane Linley-Thomas' blog
this entry posted 2/10/2010

This morning I completed a wonderful baby massage course in Westville under the experienced eye of Alison Strauss from Lasting Impressions.

These classes take place once a week on a Wednesday for 4 weeks. They are a chilled meeting place for you, baby and dad, granny and your care-giver should you wish. Running time is from 9:30am-11am and is complete with tea coffee and very yummy biscuits I believe (I declined with thanks as I am on a mission to reduce the hatching house with immediate effect.... but that is a another blog entirely though!)
There are so many emotional and physical benefits to baby massage. It aids growth and development, stimulates nutrient flow to your little one's cells, helps your little one sleep better, and the list goes on and on. 
Cooper just loves his massage time and it is such a quality bonding opportunity for us. There is so much good that comes out of touch - both emotionally and physically.
Week by week we are taught massage techniques for different areas of the body from legs and feet, tummy, face, arms and hand, back and flexibility exercises. I have become very in tune with techniques such as Indian milking, rolling, sun and moon, Swedish milking and waterwheel among others.
Cooper's day is always completed with a bath, massage, feed, then bed. Could this have anything to do with him sleeping from 9:30pm-5:30am?
I so enjoyed my time with Alison and the other moms. It is a great informative workshop spent chatting about any number of baby related issues from colic (which massage is great for) to the ever-controversial topic of immunisation. 
Lasting Impressions also specialises in pregnancy massage, pregnancy body stretch exercise classes and preggy-touch massage workshops. 

Chat soon,

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