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Back to Work...

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this entry posted 20/9/2010

After 6 weeks of maternity leave I started work again last week Monday.
I was quiet apprehensive about it. Half of me wanted to proclaim my love to the world and the other half of me wanted to stay tucked away and cuddled up with my little boy. I was also nervous that maybe after 6 weeks I had forgotten how to  do the whole radio thing... talking 'adult' was a bit daunting. My life has revolved around goo goo ga ga high pitched baby chat complete with milky shoulder patches of honour.
Who was I kidding? Radio like blood runs passionately through my veins. I so love being back! It is made so much easier by the fact that I have quality time with Cooper all day and then in the evenings Mike takes over. Which is great, as he treasures his one-on-one time. It works so well.  I can't imagine having to go back to a 9 to 5 job leaving my little 6 week old cherub at home! I am SO blessed.
Cooper turns 7 weeks tomorrow and at 5.28 kgs he gets cuter by the day. He has had an event-filled 7 weeks of being. So far he has visited Tala Game Reserve for his first game viewing experience (he slept through most of it). He has been to the Eston  Farmers Show, where he saw his first band, The Pixie Bennett band (he slept through most of it;) We took him to Durban Day to watch his first rock bands Prime Circle and Just Jinger(he slept through most of it). Then this past week end we took him to The Hilton Arts Festival (yip- he slept through most of it.)
Cooper is such a rad little dude. He is so mellow and chilled. The only time he cries is when he is either hungry or has wind. Sho I shudder at the thought of a baby that has colic. Even the thought makes me feel helpless.
The only stressful side of being a parent this far is the whole whoo ha about immunisation. I have come to notice it is a subject as delicate and heated as religion. Next week we are due for our 8 week batch of injections. Not even that freaks me out but as for the whole MMR issue well now that can give me sleepless nights.

The fact that there has even been talk about autism being a possible result of the MMR vaccine is enough. The 2 schools of thought are both so convincing... Sho it leaves me quiet breathless. As you know being a parent yourself ,ALL you want is to make the right decision for your child and keep them safe.
On the bright side the MMR is only due at 18 months so I have ample time to continue researching. What are your thoughts?

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