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Goodbye to Red & Burny Boobs

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this entry posted 2/9/2010

See more of Jane's photos in her GalleryIt is with a sad, yet glad heart that I confess to having hung up my breastfeeding gloves :( I know, I know, I know....
I did  it for 4 weeks so little Cooper got the colostrum and immunity safeguarding. I was hoping to get to at least 6 weeks but horror of horror's MASTITIS pulled in over the week-end.
Oh my hat! I have NEVER felt such pain. It really felt like my left feeder had been dipped in hell for eternity. Wowza!
I tried feeding off of it for 2 days - man I lived in the pain barrier- In fact I AM the pain barrier! I can honestly say feeding off a hot red inflamed and burny boob is the most character-building thing I have ever done.
So antibiotics, soul searching and a couple of intense chit chats with an awesome paediatrician, my mom and my Doula I made my choice.
I am a huge believer in good and sound energy but Cooper and I were both hating the experience. Not that I need to justify my decision, but I wonder if because Coop spent 2 days in Neo Natal and didn't get to latch until day 3 had anything to do with it......?
Breastfeeding has been hard from day one and seemed to get worse as time went on. Now I get to gaze into my treasures eyes while peacefully feeding on our polka dot rocking chair to the sounds of any number of Coopers cd's.
Tomorrow is a month since my boy was born - Could I be any more in love?
Yesterday was a huge day for me as I drove myself for the first time - which was super rad! Yay to be back in the drivers seat! I also did my first spot of exercise. Myself and my 2 boys had an amazing walk along the Umhlanga promenade followed by an 18 year old whiskey! IT HAS BEEN 9 MONTHS OF COMPLETE SOBRIETY! I LOVE WHISKEY WELCOME BACK!!!!!

Write soon,
x Jane
PS: Sheena thank you for the suggestion of the nipple shields they did help....... for a while:)

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