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A Mother's Love

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this entry posted 24/8/2010

Baby CooperCooper celebrates his 3rd week in the world today and how different my life is. OMG!

I can't imagine my life without him and to be honest I hardly remember my life before him. The car ride to the hospital was so very different to the car journey from the hospital. Everything felt different and even looked somewhat different.

Cooper's birth day...OK let me start from the beginning...

I was booked in for a S sec on the 3rd of August as you can see why. This was me the day before. Mr Cooper hadn't dropped and was lying high and had no intention of going anywhere.

4am wake up riddled with such excitement and off to Parklands to check in by 6 am, procedure at 8 am. As far as my 'birthing plan' I had really hoped for a natural birth and together with my Doula had really spent the 9 months leading up to Coopers arrival preparing myself. But sadly it didn't go as planned.

The C Sec was pretty awful to be completely honest. Thank goodness we had chosen to take our Bob Marley box set into theatre with us, it slightly softened the experience. I had a lot of blood loss and to add insult to injury Cooper was born with amniotic flood on the lungs. He spent 2 days in Neo Natal which as you can imagine was very difficult. It didn't help that  I was drugged up on meds with a gash in my abdomen.

Come day two I was like a wild women in a wheel chair being pushed with a mission into the Neo natal ward. I haven't left my boy's side since. I must say the staff at Parklands Hospital are a wonder to behold. I would strongly recommend going nowhere else when expecting a baby. Their Maternity and Neo Natal ward are world class and they have become our family. Not to mention Dr Roos the best pediatrician on the planet. Thank you for looking after our little one. The love and care they showed Cooper and I was truly heart warming.

Speaking of which my husband Mike, gosh I am SO blessed. He didn't leave my side from the moment we stepped into the hospital on Tuesday to our departure on Friday morning. Mike is the most dedicated and loyal husband and father. I fall in love with him daily what a a lucky girl.

As for the breast feeding. Oh my word!  Why did no one tell me it is so *#$!@^ sore. Sho sho sho! Every 4 hours I have to psych myself up. 2 gnashing gums on a mission for milk is not groovy for a soft pink nipple. Wow Wow Wow! I really am pushing through the pain barrier. Coop went to be weighed on Friday and he is back to his birth weight of 3.36kgs. So I guess I must be doing the feeding thing right. I hear it gets better-oh please! 

Welcome Cooper!Other then that and having a  flabby tummy I really couldn't be happier!
I love Cooper so much I sometimes just want to munch him. You know when you kiss, love and cuddle that you have to be careful not to hurt them. The love is SO immense and overwhelming. I am so in love. I just love being a mom to this little boy.
3 weeks home and we are loving being parents. Cooper is the loveliest most chilled little dude. He is so content and when I look into his navy eyes I see an old soul. He is everything and more that I had ever wished for.

Much love,
Jane x

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