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Change of Plans

... Jane Linley-Thomas' blog
this entry posted 30/7/2010

Wow... words are few and far between. I have just got back from the gynae and I have been booked into have a C Section this Tuesday morning the 3rd August at 8am.
Cooper was 3.8kgs on Wednesday and today he is 4kgs. No wonder I am SO uncomfortable and  breathing, sitting, standing, bathing, and lets be honest... everything is a near impossible mission. To add to it, he hasn't engaged, so basically he is livin la vida loca. An educated choice was made this morning.
Up until Wednesday I was gunning for natural childbirth and for the last 8-and-somewhat months I have been readying myself for the art of labour. I shed a few tears when I realised that position and weight wise I may have re-adjust my birth plan. In all honestly I am awash with sheer relief and excitement. In four sleeps time my bucket list wish will be complete. I will be a mom. Sho! It seems unreal.
All systems go. I have been on a tour of the theatre and maternity ward as well as having met the lovely staff that will be looking after Cooper and I. Our bags are packed and we are so ready to meet each other. This Tuesday morning at 8am if you are near a candle maybe you could light it and send us some light.
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