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Hospital bag packed? CHECK!

27 days and counting to reach full term...
I awoke to one of the most heart-warming pictures ever last week. The washing line was full of freshly white newborn socks and baby grows. I was in tears taking pictures on my cell phone.

27 days until we meet our little boy

Yip, the last stretch of pregnancy is pretty hardcore. I have had such a dreamy pregnancy. I have loved the fact that there is a lovechild growing in the warmth of my belly, that for the first time in ages I haven't had to worry how my tummy looks in the mirror... You can relate, right?
But come on!

I am ready to meet my little treasure NOW. After 8-and-somewhat months of being taught the art of patience has been challenging for this Cancerian. Other then being a pillar of sobriety and being victim to debilitating anticipation, my body is now sore and ready. I say again I have sailed through the last 7 months but now, crashing back, burning what feels like broken ribs, heartburn ,swollen everything - I even found a roll on my ankle - ON MY ANKLE!, I am over emotional, and I am forever on the loo.
I know how this is the smallest price to pay for the joy that is around the corner, it's kind of like watching a kettle boil though. At my last check-up last week our boy weighed 3.2kgs. He had put on 600 grams in a week! This Thursday we return for an update. At this stage ignorance is bliss as to how Mr Thomas is going to "leave the building".
No I joke. I am truly at peace with the process of exit. This partly because I have the constant support of my life partner and soul mate Mike, and we have also been guided by the light and love of our doula Nicole.  The whole doula experience is a blog in itself. I can't imagine why anyone would choose not to go the doula route!

For now, go and check out and Nicole can be contacted on 072 702 6728. Not only is she my daily port of call, but she is also a birth and post partum doula as well as a breastfeeding consultant. 
As you can imagine our families are also dying to meet him. His room is ready and has all the bells and whistles. All we need now is our little buba. I can't wait to hold my little one close and smell his milky skin.


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