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getting to know jane

If your personality had a colour, what colour would it be and why?
My personality would be the colour of  a rainbow unicorn horn

Are you a morning or a night person?
Night night night night night!-In the morning I am slow and swollen

What’s your most favourite thing to do when you can’t sleep?

Earliest/fondest  childhood memory?
Ah that is a hard one-I have a treasure chest of memories hmmmmm......One of my fondest memories is playing dress up with my little sister Jess.We would get all our toys and place them at a table laid with tea" sand and water in a tea pot" and biscuits, and there we would sit and chat in our best garb and entertain our "guests"

When you’re gone, how would you like to be remembered…and don’t say ‘fondly’?
I would love to be remembered as a the girl who lived and loved her life to the full

Do you have a 'get-up-and-go'/ theme song or mantra and if so, what is it? (We want details!) 
I don't have one favourite-but I am a huge 80's music fan-Human League,Depeche Mode, The Cure, Men at Work, Joy Division, Tears for Fears aaaaah the list goes on and on bring it!

Favourite time of year and why? 
Winter is my very very best. All cosy in the Natal Midlands with my gorgeous husband with a bottle of great local wine a roaring log fire,playing cards and our books-ooooh I love it too much!
You watch TV much? What have you watched this week?
I must be honest I don't spend that much time watching t.v.I will follow a few things like I was hooked on So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing-oh and I LOVE Ellen. I am also a huge fan of The Office both U.S. and U.k.)Arrested Development,Weeds,Extra's.....
Your fetish is... 

Your pet peeve is.... 
Negative people  

Have you ever been sick of a song/singer/topic/ all of these? (Again we want details:-)  
 Anything by  M.A.R.I.A.H. C.A.R.E.Y. is too much

Phrase you use all too often? 
"It's a hell of a thing"

What, in your opinion, is the most idiotic thing a personality (actor/singer/politician etc) has ever said? (Details please).  
 George Bush-do you really want me to go into it.......really.........?.........?......

Your most idiotic moment? 
Getting caught smoking on confirmation camp at school...eeesh Mum and Dad were bleak to say the very least!  

Describe your best on-air experience? 
I know this sounds corndog but I love nothing more then being on air-it really is such a happy place for me

And the one you wish you could forget?
More like the one thing I wish I could remember is my I.D. number I look like such a dork always having to scratch in my bag when asked for it-I hit a blank hands down every time I get half way through. 

What do you foresee in radio's future? 
Endless possibilities

Are you exploring anything new career wise at present and if so what are your plans?  
I would love to get involved with stage and TV........

Your favourite pastime/hobby? 
A boozy dinner with friends and family
, shopping, jolling, sleeping, reading, watching a great flick....

What's the one thing you dislike about you? 
My debilitating fear of geckos-even typing out the word gives me the grilz!

What’s the one thing you would never do? 
Love a gecko!

So what's #1 on your Bucket List? 
To have a little bambino or two tearing around

Your all-time favourite movie/show and how many times have you watched it to date? 
Ah man another hard question-anything that has Will Ferrell have lost count of how many times I have watched his stuff. I adored the Love Guru-I think it is some of the funniest work Mike Myers has done. I heart Steve Carrel, Ricky Gervais-comedy baby comedy.
If you weren't working in radio you would be…
I can't imagine doing anything else to be honest-ok if I was pushed...a drama teacher for little ones.

What makes you crazy/ drives you over the edge? 
Rude people that hurt and judge others.

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