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Be sure to Carriwell


Jane Linley-Thomas discovers Carriwell bras!This past Sunday the love bump celebrated its 30th week in the wombworld. Just 10 weeks to go to reach full term. EEEEEEKKK SO EXCITING!  It feels so close but at the same time soooooo far. Every mom I come across says the same thing "its going to get worse before it gets better" thankx for that ;0
I must say I really have the most dreamy pregnancy. I have friends who battle from one day to the next with crashing migraines,  back pain, nausea....Look in all honesty being without even one glass of wine for 7 months is not easy.
I know what your thinking, a glass here and there is fine. Fair comment but I am an all or nothing kinda girl. Also what has helped the sudden stop of liquid intake and smoking on the spot is that it isn't for me its for the little dude inside and that makes it so much easier to do.

Sleeping is a rare and extremely treasured gift what with the trying to get  into a place of comfort and then as soon as you find that happy place it's time to get up and stagger to the loo.

The only real discomfort I have had during my pregnancy is that I get really sore ribs. Strange hey. It started a few months ago and comes and goes. It started with what felt like my right rib had been throw into a Sharks scrum. So sore and felt almost broken.

Now its at times both ribs and in the middle of my ribs its like this burring tingle of what feels like a throbbing growing pain. The biggest mission for me has been trying to find a bra that doesn't add to my discomfort. I have spent time and money in almost every store in KZN looking for a piece of comfort. Underwire has been a no no for a long time but even the elasticised support made me had want to rip my clothes off and not in a sexy way.

Just this week I came across the answer. Glory glory a range that all pregnant women should invest in. I'm not just saying this but I almost shed a tear of joy when I came across the Carriwell range.

They specialise in maternity underwear fit for pregnancy and beyond. It is pure comfort. My only wish is that I found Carriwell 5 months ago.

I have invested in a couple of pieces from there comfort, lace and seamless range. They are soft and comfy with adjustable straps and come with an  extension piece for the back of the bra. They are also super sexy which is a feeling most welcome at this stage.

One of my most favourite pieces in a seamless maternity light support top which can be worn as underwear or a tank top. The seamless one piece has great support  and goes to your hips so it keeps you all held together.

If you are an expectant mom to be there is one gift you owe yourself at this stage and that is soft supportive underwear. No more heavy under wire and stuff that cuts into your daily growing body. Go and check out you will be so happy you did.