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Cooper Love (aka When We Found Out We Were Pregnant)

Jane Linley-Thomas and Mike find out that they are going to be parents for the first timeI must start by apologising for my disappearance on the blog front. I know I have been as silent as the night what with pregnant stew brain and the likes there of.
Firstly before I embark on my journey thus far thank you so much for all your love and support, you really are like family to me.
Ok - so sometime in November late after a show one evening I did the whole home pregnancy thing and yes it turned pink! I cruised into the kitchen where Mike was making dinner and I shoved the stick under his eyes.
He looked at me and said "It's about time." (grin/gasp/yay/oh my!) 

As you can imagine we were elated. With big eyes and full hearts we waited until day break and headed off to have a blood test.
We were at the NSA gallery later in the morning when the call came through.
"Hello. Is that Mrs Thomas"
"Mrs Thomas, congratulations your test is positive"
"So does this mean I am going to be a mom"
No words can explain our joy. Mike and I wrapped our arms around each other and nestled our heads into each other necks W.O.W.!.
A lady who was standing in the gallery at the time having heard the conversation came over and congratulated us. Thank you we echoed, we haven't even told our folks!
I phoned my parents straight away and of course they we over the moon.
Sadly Mike's mum Jeanette was very sick at the time so telling such news was a bitter sweet.
We got home and Mike tore up 3 pieces of paper and wrote the words Congrats you are going to be a gran (for Mike's mom); Congrats you are going to be a great grandmother (for Nana, Mike's gran); and Congrats you are going to be a grandpa (for Pete, Mike's dad) and we all collected next to Jeanette's bed and handed out the little notes of love news.
Sho! it was a very emotional time:( Tragically we lost Jeanette a day after Christmas last year which was and is still at times very hard, but at least she knew the news of the little treasure's entry into the world.
I am now 28 weeks along and the anticipation of meeting our little boy is all consuming. We are so ready!
Thank you to The Ridge magazine for the picture - have you got your copy this month?
I  have been on such a quest since I found out I was pregnant but that is for another time, I can't wait to share. I will soon I promise.