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21 Ideas for Activities to do with the kids

Here are 21 ideas for holiday actvities with your children. Don’t feel obligated to take the children to every latest movie, or get the latest toy.... You have SO much to share with your kids –
  1. Those Barbies / Babies / action men you bought them – let them play!
  2. Pull out the big jigsaw puzzle (big enough to be an age appropriate challenge, not so big it is too daunting for them to even attempt) as a family jig where bits can be built / added over a period of days OR pull out smaller fun puzzles for them to build in one sitting. Younger kids: cut a couple of post cards in half and get your littlies to match the correct halves together.
  3. Play ‘Kim's Game’ over breakfast – select 10 to 15 (depending on age & ability) arb items (pencil, cotton, calculator, eggbeater, sharpener, button etc etc); place on a tray. Get child to look at the tray for a minute; remove a couple of items & see if your child can tell you what is missing.
  4. Get some felt & wool & teach your child blanket stitch (or to knit / crotchet / french knit / make scuby wire key rings)
  5. Write a letter to granny (OR WHOEVER!), draw a picture and physically put it in an envelope & post it.
  6. Pull out the baby photos / old albums / wedding album & page through together with your child, sharing stories, answering questions etc.
  7. READ your child a story. Go to the public library … often!
  8. Adapt your old varsity / college drinking games to drill those tables: one frog – two eyes – four legs – into the pond – kaplonk. Two frogs, four eyes, 8 legs, into the pond , kaplonk, kaplonk etc OR bottles & tops where you count & multiples of 5 = bottles & multiples of 10 = bottles: 1,2,3,4, tops, 6,7,8,9,bottles, 11, 12, 13,14,tops,etcetc
  9. Pull out the sand art. Join in the fun, do one, too!
  10. Bake a cake / biscuits / muffins – take them to the next door neighbour if you are watching your waistline! Some suggestions for child-friendly recipes at :___________
  11. Plant something new in the garden together. Grow beans in cotton wool! You have 4 weeks to watch them grow!! Grow a mealie seed at the same time & compare the differences.
  12. Colour in a picture together. Download some colouring images at : ____________
  13. Have a picnic in the garden / Prepare a meal together. Teach them to set the table / butter toast / put a salad together / peel potatoes
  14. Visit the SPCA (take a tin or two of dog food with you!)
  15. Spring Clean the kids room(s) & take the too small to wear clothes & outgrown toys to an orphanage in the area.
  16. Play board games – there is life beyond Monopoly – thank goodness!! Look out for toys made by Thinkfun – brilliant games for cognitive development.
  17. Hang out the washing together / fold away the washing together – anyone remember the simple joy of “pulling sheets”???
  18. Do a paper mache project – you've got the time!
  19. Buy a country bunch of flowers – arrange them together & take them to an old age home / an elderly person you know.
  20. Take sandwiches you have made together & some juice to a security guard in the area.
  21. Visit 'Stuff for Kids' and find FREE Downloads for even more activities and projects!
Download your List and start now!

With extra special thank you to Julia K, Tots 'n Pots, Laceys toys and Crafting Kids for their contributions!