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If Mom were President

Vote for Mom #1
If Mom Were President, she'd set things straight
She would battle for causes just
She'd teach the whole country how to share
She'd restore the public's trust

She would give every enemy a time-out in the corner
Until they saw how they'd been at fault
She'd balance the budget with change left to spare
For an ice cream cone or a malt

And Congress she would make write 100 times
“I shall not take money and lie.”
Then send them to bed without any supper
Perhaps a cookie or two when they cry

And all hungry children she would feed
peanut butter and milk cuz she knows what kids need
She would easily win two terms in a row
And then be elected as king

And she would kiss little babies not for camera
But because that's what babies are for
Her cabinet would be a place to store snacks
And gifts she had picked up at the store

And nations at war she'd not tolerate
Because the pain and the damage they bring
She'd disarm the foes
Trade a knife for a rose
Saying “you'll poke an eye out with that thing.”

Yes, If Mom were President I do believe
There would be lots of changes we'd see
Our national treasure would be our children
Hugs and kisses our Gross National Product.