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For Kids

Fill in Santa's beard Help Santa grow his beard in time for Christmas!
Colour in Santa's face and hat, then add a cotton ball to his beard each day - in time for Christmas!
Dancing Santa
Have some fun watching Santa 'get on down'. You can change the background, the music and even his moves!

Put your aprons on and start baking!
Have fun in the kitchen with this simple recipe.
Colour in some animals from the SPCAAnimal Colouring-In
Some cute pictures for the kids to colour in from the SPCA

Cat FactsCat Facts!
How many rows of whiskers does a cat have? Did you know cats walk on their toes? Your cat can see in the dark.
Activity from Toddlerfun
Something to do during the teachers' strike.Great projects for all ages. Have some fun with your kids during the Teacher's strike!

21 Simple ideas for holiday activities with your child21 Simple Ideas for activities to do with your child.
Suggestions include cooking with kids, craft projects and a good old jigsaw puzzle.
Holiday Survival Guide by Crafting KidsHoliday Survival Guide
With basic and general supplies from around the house your child can produce artworks to be proud of!

Creative CapeTown MomsCreative CT Moms
Compiled by some very clever CT moms, there are some fantastic ideas in here.
Laceys Colouring In for kidsColouring In for kids
Some more images to print off for your child to colour in.
National Geographic Little KidsA bit of science fun from National Geographic Little Kids.
Red, Yellow & Blue are primary colours; use this activity to learn how to mix other colours from the primary colours.
Love Box for Mothers DayA 'Love Box' for Mothers Day'
Help your child to construct this box, then they can put a kiss in there, seal it and you've got the best Mothers Day present ever!

Free lunchbox notes to let your child know you're thinking of them!Lunchbox Notes 
The kids just love to get notes in their lunchbox, so choose from 2 designs (or print both!) and surprise them with a bit of love from Mom!
Designed for MomsMatter by Nox Designs.
Pocket Money Chart for kidsPocket Money Earner
Agree on their chores and a value of each star and you're off! Oh, the kiss is for free.

Finger puppets from Teachers Pet magazineFinger Puppets
A Funky family of finger puppers from The Teacher's Pet magazine."We as teachers, hope that together with you, their parents, we can make a difference in raising a remarkable upcoming generation!"
Colour in - Bossy BeeColour In the Bee
He buzzes around and is very busy!
Project compliments of Manners4Minors

Popcorn box and movie tickets for your 'night in'A Night Out at the Movies - at home!
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun! Choose a suitable movie on TV and the kids can 'sell' some TICKETS and POPCORN (pop a bag of microwave popcorn, transfer it to your cute popcorn box)... and enjoy the show!
Under-the-table house for the kidsUnder-The-Table House
Providing your children with a safe, stimulating living space is an essential job for any parent. Download a fun project from 'Cool Spaces for Kids'.

Super Star Award to give to your childSuper Star Award 
Kids love to get certificates - here's a cute little design for you to give your child some well-deserved praise. It may be for the kids, but I am sure that you deserve one too!  
Designed for MomsMatter by Nox Designs.
Colouring in and Fun Facts from Northglen News community newspaper 'Just for Fun'
An Easter Bunny picture to colour-in, kid's jokes and a whole lot of 'Did you know...'. From Northglen News Community Newspaper 

A story to help explain concept of death to a childThe Dragon Fly story
MomsMatter has created an e-zine for your children to help explain the concept of death using the life cycle of the Dragon Fly. If you are unable to access the online e-zine, you can print the pdf version to read to your children.
Mother of the Year throwing a tantrum to be proud of A Tantrum Kids Would be Proud Of! This mom deserves 'Mom of the Year' for her methods of parenting. The kids will love this - watch Mom in action!
[It may take some time to download, but well worth the wait]