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Zulu Zonke - Conversational Zulu Course (Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal)

                             N.S. Turner B.A. (HDE) Hons. MA. PhD
           Ph/Fax: 031 539 6244 | Cell: 082 451 4334 | or


This course is aimed specifically for total beginners and the lessons are one and a half hours in duration and they run once a week over 14 weeks. There are 12 contact lessons followed by an additional 2 weeks in which an optional test is written followed by a report back and certification session. The cost of the course is R2950 and this includes the course manual, together with a DVD given to each person, which contains a summary of elements of the course, together with additional information on culture, the words of Nkosi Sikelele etc. Each session is followed up with an emailed summary of the lesson content and homework. The courses are run twice a year, next course commencing in AUGUST 2019 at 212 Florida Road from 17:30 - 19:00There will also be a course held in Ballito. These courses are also run from a venue in Mt Edgecombe should there be sufficient participants interested from this area. Mount Edgecombe class will be run at a time suitable for all participants on the Tuesday.

In addition to learning basic language skills, the programme is designed to create understanding and encourage empathy amongst people in our radically changing social situation, by introducing elements such as the latest information for contemporary business with regards African values and traditions in the workplace, and a look at cultural contexts in transforming business management in South Africa. In addition, the information contained on the DVD’s not only consolidates what is covered on the course, but equips each participant with the means to continue and expand on the information covered during the sessions. Please see breakdown of course info below. If you are interested in putting your name on the list for me to contact you early next year with information about the course, please send me an email.

Yours sincerely
Noleen Turner 

                                ZULU BASIC COMMUNICATION LANGUAGE COURSE :

ZULU ZONKE (Loosely translated as ‘Everything to do with Zulu’) is a course which caters specifically for the person who wishes to learn basic conversational skills in Zulu.

In KwaZulu Natal, over 80% of the population are Zulu first language speakers. This course is designed to teach the remainder of the population how to communicate on a basic level through the medium of Zulu. In addition to learning basic communication skills, the programme is designed to create understanding and encourage empathy amongst people in our radically changing social situation, by introducing elements with regards African values in the work place and the intrinsic factor of cross cultural contexts in business management in South Africa.

The main body of the course is contextually presented and is accompanied by an annexure containing additional notes based on typical conversations that occur in common situations e.g. at the garage, on the phone, in the office environment, at home etc. All the material contained in the course is reinforced by a CD, which is given to each course participant together with a manual. The CD assists greatly in vocabulary acquisition, as well as providing the learner with correct mother tongue tone and pronunciation. All the dialogues and grammar points contained in the course are revised on the CD as well as additional points of information on certain aspects such as cultural issues, the music and lyrics of 'Nkosi Sikelel' i-Afrika' and Shosholoza, several common idiomatic expressions used in everyday speech, and aspects of the weather.

This Course is taught audio-visually in the communicative method of second language teaching. Each part of the course is introduced by dialogues which contain forms of speech used in every day situations, for which the necessary vocabulary is provided. This is followed by an analysis of the grammatical constructions used as well as a number of exercises which expand on the concepts evident in the dialogues. This is necessary because all adults need to know why words are used in a particular way and in certain contexts, and how they are put together in sentences.

The course consists of 12 one and a half hours sessions. There are an additional 2 sessions in which participants complete the course test, the last session being a report back and certification session.

The cost per participant is R2950. The course can be run in-house for companies with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 25. 

To date this course has been successfully presented to a number of companies including Pick 'n Pay, the Beare Group, KwaZulu Finance Corporation, Suncrush, the Spar Group, Fedics, Old Mutual, Supervision Services, Illovo Sugar, Albany Bakeries, ABI, Castrol as well as organisations such as the Durban Municipality, the S.A.I.C.E., the CSIR, the Durban Regional Chamber of Business and Allied Industries, the Moreland Group, the American Consulate as well as a number of consulting engineering and construction companies viz. De Leuw Cather, Davies Lynn, Bradford Conning, Bosch Holdings, Protekon Construction, Grinaker Construction, Group 5, Basil Reed, Africon, etc.

The course is designed and presented by Noleen Turner, who holds a PhD degree in Zulu and is a specialist in Second Language Acquisition. She is an associate professor and is past Head of the Zulu Department at the University of KwaZulu-Natal where she has lectured for the past 31 years. Apart from language courses conducted (see note on Course references), she also conducts "Cross Cultural Presentations" and has done so over the past 10 years for companies such as Standard Bank, Norwich Life, ZAI, S.A. Communication Services, Bradford Conning, Durban Municipality, and Natal Teachers Society. Prof Turner also handles translations of commercial contracts and documents in Zulu as well as work of a non-commercial nature.

Communication is the core of all human interaction. In order to learn any language, one has to examine the culture within which it is embedded in order to understand where the language is coming from. A knowledge of an African language today in South Africa is absolutely essential if we are to achieve the one nation status we are all striving for. In KwaZulu-Natal, where the vast majority of its population (80%) are Zulu speakers, it goes without saying, that a basic knowledge of isiZulu is vital not only to one’s progress business-wise, but to improving social relations in general.
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