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Golden Sleep

Pampers® Golden Sleep II Fact Sheet
The Importance of Sleep

  • Sleep is vital for baby’s cognitive, behavioural and physical development. It helps them make sense of all their new experiences in their exciting new world
  • A number of factors including hunger, discomfort, noise or a wet or soiled nappy can disturb baby’s sleep
  • Helping to keep baby dry during sleep is one factor which may minimise disruption of sleep due to discomfort or the disruption of having to change a nappy
  • A new-born baby sleeps between 16 and 18 hours a day
  • The sleep cycle of a new-born is estimated to be 50 minutes with adult sleep cycles being around 90 minutes long
  • Newborn babies spend about 50 – 60% of their sleep time in active sleep (likened to REM sleep), while adults spend 25 – 30% of sleep in REM sleep
  • It is thought that processes occurring during REM sleep help to stimulate the development of the nervous system, the maturation of the brain, as well as visual centres and assists in the development of neuronal circuits
  • REM sleep is thought to be a time for the brain to assimilate images by replaying them during dreams and "learn" from the experiences of the day
 The Wetness Wake-Up Call
  • New clinical research from Pampers® shows a direct link between urination/wetting and sleep disturbance
  • The research shows that when baby urinates during sleep, her body movement becomes more pronounced as she enters a state of disturbed sleep
  • Most babies sleep deeply after urination, if the skin is not irritated
  • Even during peaceful sleep, tiny receptors in baby’s skin can easily sense the feeling of wetness acting as an invisible “alarm clock”, which could lead to waking and the need for mom’s intervention
  • By minimising waking factors such as the discomfort of wetness, baby is more likely to self-soothe back to sleep
  • The magnitude of sleep disturbance caused by urination increases over successive episodes during the night. This suggests an incrementally disruptive effect as her nappy becomes wetter and/or bulkier during the night
  • A baby  can urinate up to 12 times a night, creating several opportunities for waking up
  • When silencing the wetness wake-up call, mom helps baby to establish a night-time pattern of sleeping through, night after night
1 Pampers® = 1 Dry Night
  • New Pampers® Active Baby silences the wetness wake-up call with extra-absorbent zones which speed away wetness faster than ever before. This helps keep baby’s skin dry so that baby can sleep tight all through the night
  • Acting as a sleep enabler, Pampers® Active Baby assists mom to give baby a night of “golden sleep” by minimising wetness as a sleep disturbance and silencing the wetness wake-up call
  • Offering up to 12 hours of dryness, Pampers® Active Baby helps baby enjoy a full night of “golden sleep”
A Pampers® Smile
  • According to the Pampers® Golden sleep survey conducted in 2010, 28% of SA moms believe their baby has had a night of “golden sleep” if they awaken with a smile*
  • An early morning smile sets the scene for a happy day for mom and baby, spreading brightness and contentment to the entire family
  • A baby awakens with a smile when life is good and life is good for baby when he feels safe, nurtured, loved, welcome and understood. Mothers and fathers are central to ensuring these feelings for babies
  • Mom and dad need to feel relaxed, content, supported, in control and rested to enable them to create this emotional environment for baby
The following five tips from renowned parenting expert, Sister Lilian will assist baby to awaken with a smile:

The power of practical planning

Moms should plan ahead for wakeful nights by having everything at hand that they may need including nappies, bottles, formula and remedies. The lights should be kept low and conversation to a minimum and moms should do what they have to right there in bed, so that they do not have to wake totally and can simply cuddle down together to continue sleep

Don’t anticipate a problem

Moms should not jump at the first sound baby or toddler makes. Reacting when baby might just need to wriggle around a bit can foster poor sleeping habits, so moms would be well advised not to become a sleep slave! At the same time, if baby really starts crying, moms shouldn’t wait too long to attend to him

Go to bed early

For some unknown reason, the earlier parents go to sleep, the better baby sleeps that night. The usual criticism of this approach is that they want some time in the evenings without baby, but as an emergency measure to help deal with sleep deprivation, this tip works excellently

Don’t wake sleeping babies

A sleeping baby should never be woken at night unless there are serious health problems or weight gain is very bad. Babies have a ‘core sleep’, usually pre-midnight, during which time they sleep well. Most sleep disturbances occur after that hour, but a full night’s sleep gradually ‘grows’ from this core sleep. If the rhythm of that is broken, it will take longer to achieve unbroken nights

Do not clock-watch

Moms should never count the number of times baby wakes, nor look to see what time of night it is or how long baby stays awake. This focuses attention on the problem rather than helping resolve it

Be flexible, but do the human thing

Moms should encourage baby to start off the night (and daytime naps too) in her own room or bed. The first time baby wakes after they have gone to bed, she should be brought through and kept there for the rest of the night. Babies mostly sleep for longer periods and more peacefully when close to mom and dad. This makes up for mom and baby missing each other if separated during the day, and co-sleeping is one of the kindest and most human things to do. Baby feels secure and anxiety no longer leads to disturbed sleep

Golden Sleep – According to South African Mom’s

What is Golden Sleep?
  • 36% of South African moms surveyed said that Golden Sleep means baby sleeps through the night*
  • 28% of SA moms believe their baby has had a night of Golden Sleep if he or she wakes up with a smile*
More than two-thirds of moms said their sleep, and that of their baby, is disrupted at least once during the night:
  • 40% of moms say their babies wake up two or more times each night, with only 24% of babies sleeping through the night*
  • Moms say the reasons for their babies waking vary, and usually involve a combination of factors, including being hungry (60%), having a wet or dirty nappy (25%) and teething (23%)*
  • To get their babies back to sleep, more than one half (57%) of moms feed their babies, while nearly a third (31%) have to change their baby’s nappy*
  • Only 7% of mums are getting more than eight hours sleep every night*
Moms believe that a soft, dry nappy is key to Golden Sleep
  • More than half the moms (60%) agreed that babies wearing a soft, dry nappy sleep better*
  • The majority of moms surveyed (88%) trust and use Pampers*
  • A dry bum was also rated (18%) as helping to ensure their baby gets a Golden Sleep*
Where do Moms go for advice:
  • 27% of moms find current expert advice on sleep patterns/routines from online sources*
South African Mom’s give their views on what they believe Golden Sleep is:*
  • ‘It is a combination of sleeping straight through and waking up with a smile and a dry bottom!’
  • Our baby wakes up and sings quietly to herself until we fetch her. That's got to be a “Golden Sleep"’.
  • If my baby is happy and cheerful during the day, then I know she has slept well.’
  • ‘My baby would sleep like a princess - nothing would disturb her night's sleep.’
  • ‘My baby goes off to sleep nicely, has a good night's sleep with a minimum of wake ups and wakes up with a big smile.’
  • ‘When the whole family sleeps and everyone wakes up with a smile!’
  • ‘My baby goes to sleep without crying, and wakes up with a smile in the morning.’
  • “No waking during the night and then waking up with a smile”
  • ‘My babies wake up well rested and happy in the morning’
  • ‘He had a good night’s sleep because his bum stayed dry, and he wakes up with a smile - I love Pampers.’
  • ‘When both mommy and baby wake up all rested and with a smile’
  • ‘Combination of sleeping through the night, waking with a smile and having a dry bum in the morning.’
  • ‘My baby has precious dreams and wakes up smiling in the morning’
  • ‘My baby wakes up with a smile, chatting and laughing with his teddies’
  • ‘When Mommy and Baby both wakes up in the morning with a satisfying Smile on their faces.  That's Golden Sleep!’
  • ‘Baby has a good, full night’s rest and wakes up smiling & cheerful in the morning.’
  • ‘My baby says goodnight Mummy and Daddy, goes to sleep and wakes up 12 hours later with a smile.’
  • ‘Baby wakes dry and smiling after a night's unbroken sleep.’
  • ‘My baby enjoys a bedtime ritual, only wakes up once and wakes up with a smile’
  • “My baby doesn't wake up during the night, and I believe it’s because her bum stays dry.”
  • “Use pampers, for a dry and comfortable sleep, because there is no price that you can attached to a good night's sleep for you and your baby”
* Based on the South African Golden Sleep Survey, conducted online in January and February 2010. Results of the Golden Sleep Survey Questionnaire were analysed by an independent research agency, Pure Survey. The survey was distributed to more than 50,000 South African moms via email, a hosted link on the Pampers website and through government hospitals. All quotes can be attributed to the moms who responded to the survey.