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Children & Pets

You have probably heard the old saying, “A man’s best friend is his dog.” Well, not only does this hold true for man, but for a family as well. Children love their pets and for good reason. Creatures large and small teach, delight, and offer a special kind of companionship to a child.

Let’s look at how having a pet can benefit your family.

  • Pets Teach Kids to Be Responsible

Showing children the importance of caring for another creature's survival can result in learning many life lessons such as patience, kindness and attentiveness as well as responsibility and respect for the animal.

  • Pets Can Help Kids Develop Discipline

Walking the dog, feeding the hamster or talking to the parrot can serve as fun study breaks for kids, and a replacement for television programs and video games.

  • Pets Prepare Kids for Life Situations

Kids learn loyalty, love and comfort from their interaction with their pet.  In addition, they can learn about birth, illness, death and mourning and how to cope with each emotion.

Before choosing a pet, you need to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Age of your child,
  • garden space,
  • your activity level,
  • other animals in the household
  • ...and most importantly, the time you have available for your pet.


Q: Why do dogs like it when we pet them?
A: In the wild, dogs (just like wolves) groom each other to show love and that they are part of the pack. They will even lick each other. Petting your dog is kind of like this. It lets your dog know that you love him and that he is part of your family.

Teach your children about sounds animals make by singing the old classic 'Old Mc Donald had a farm'.

Old MacDonald had a farm
Old MacDonald had a farm
And on that farm there were some ducks
With a quack-quack here
And a quack -quack there
Here a quack, there a quack
Everywhere a quack-quack
Old MacDonald had a farm

Replace the duck with the other animals below. See if you can think of more animals and sounds like..

  pig:  oink-oink  dog:  woof-woof  cow:  moo-moo  
  crows:  caw-caw cats:   meow-meow horses:  neigh-neigh
  chickens:   peep-peep lambs:  baa-baa  

This article published with permission from the Toby Tower Kids Club newsletter. Join now - kids receive a free joining gift too!