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Product Price-Check

Ever wondered what the EXACT SAME PRODUCT costs on the different supermarket shelves?

Below is the result of a personal investigation that I carried out yesterday at stores in my area comparing a few random products. The exact same product was price-checked through Woolworths, PnP, Checkers Hyper and SuperSpar.

The cheapest option is highlighted and the price difference calculated for other stores:

Disclaimer: The following comparisons were conducted in my personal capacity for informational purposes only - they were NOT ENDORSED OR PAID FOR IN ANY WAY by the stores or the products involved. Prices were correct as at 10th Feb 2011 at the specific stores noted above. To my knowledge these were all 'usual' prices, as none of these products were promoted as 'on special'. While all attempts at accuracy of prices were made, if there is an error with the data - please inform me asap. It is not my intention to mislead or prejudice anyone.

My conclusion is - how is anyone ever going to work out the best place to shop for EVERY product on their list? Please leave your comments and suggestions below to help all of us moms to become more 'Savvy' in our shopping.

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13 Comments so far:
Francis Doherty-Bigara on 11 February 2011
On some products you will save slightly and on others you will loose slightly. It's the bulk buys that will really count in the price category.

The BEST place to shop however is the one you like going to. For example, I can't stand PnP Hyper Durban North as their products (from groceries to hardware) always seem inferior. They break quicker, go rotten quicker, etc. The PnP product layout is also all over the place and their staff never seem content.

SPAR on the other hand has consistently good quality products at fair prices and their shelf/product layout makes really good sense. The staff are generally always ready to help and the aesthetics are relatively pleasing.

And then some people like Woolies and will pay whatever it takes so that they can shop there. I personally don't quite understand that but each to their own.
Wendy Maartens on 11 February 2011
I am so pleased that Woolies is sometimes cheapest! I have been trying to tell my husband that for years, now you have given me proof!
Laura Van Ballegooyen on 11 February 2011
Have always said that Checkers is the most expensive shop and your survey proves it! I shop between Woolies & Pick 'n Pay because their prices are good and they very often have instore specials that aren't advertised! Thanks - Laura
Bronwyn on 11 February 2011
Omw! I live in New Germany and shop at hillcrest and knowles - curious to see how they differ this side. When I'm next there I'll be sure to see.....
Roz on 11 February 2011
Amazed how the prices have increased! I would keep a note of regular prices for basic products, keep an active eye on weekly paper insert advertorials and stagger shopping week spar & PnP next checkers and woolies.
HandyTechTipper on 11 February 2011
@MomsMatter Here's a local SA site that needs support 2help compare prices... Let's try revive it!
Anira Pillay on 13 February 2011
I'm not surprised Woolies beats the others on so many products! i've been trying to tell my colleagues for so long that nobody can beat Woolies quality & after-sales' care.And, their prices are, more often than not,similar, if not cheaper than elsewhere!Watch out for sub-standard products and bad attitude of staff in some of the other stores!
Tracey Stewart on 14 February 2011
I just love woolies and shop at either woolies or Checkers, at Westville Mall. I have found that my coffee is R82 in Woolies and R89 in Checkers!
Tracey Berriman on 14 February 2011
This is a great way to compare prices.
Monique on 17 February 2011
I try to save as much as possible were I can and I have found that by doing my monthly shopping at Shoprite Checkers I get all my name brand products for slightly less than I use to get from PnP
peter on 5 January 2013
I think Checkers is the ultimate store.there was a price comparison in the newspaper where 20 basic products were listed and their prices at a Checkers and Pnp. the Pnp's total was R429.23 and Checkers's total R398.21. go Checkers.
James on 5 January 2013
Pnp let me down today. this one product at Checkers is R29.99 and a Pnp it was exactly the same product for R49.99. Wow! Thats rediculous! I think Checkers's prices are the best.
CARTER on 5 January 2013
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