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Look your best on a blah day

Did you wake up today looking in the mirror and feeling like you should crawl back into bed? Don’t fret. TheBeautyReporter is here to save you when you’ve been struck by an off day!

You’ve got one eye open trying to read the time on the alarm clock after hitting the snooze button a third time. Reluctantly you drag yourself out of your warm bed to the bathroom. What stares back from that bathroom mirror reflection is a sight for sore eyes. You’ve got two options. Weep. Or run for the hills.

But seriously...

The thought of facing the world looking like an unkempt disaster leaves you grumpy and discouraged. Now and again everyone experiences an off day and what’s worse is if your workday is followed by an evening function.  We’re here to help! Follow these handy beauty hints that work fast and costs little.

1. Moisture, moisture, moisture!

Say this to yourself out loud: Hydrate regularly.  Apply you’re best moisture-packed cream and concentrate on areas that are dull, dry, and wrinkled. Did you know that some moisturizers only hydrate your skin as long as your last shower?  20 minutes!  So if you suffer from extremely dry skin, have a moisturising face spritzer ready. You can even make your own one by putting vitamin E oil in a spray bottle with water. Apply this 3 times daily or as often as you like. The effect? It refreshes makeup and leaves your face soft, fresh and dewy looking.

2. Fake a Tan

  • Use a light self-tan lotion.  There are several night creams and daily moisturizers that contain a minimal quantity of selftanner to warm up your complexion without that streaky orange colour. 
  • If you just find it too tricky to get self-tan right, use bronzing powder instead of your regular face powder. It is fail-proof and washes off with your makeup. A healthy, sun kissed skin is one of the best ways to look and feel young and energised.

3. Eye Light

  • Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. It opens up your eyes for a wide awake look. For best results use a lash curler that heats up.  These are available from large pharmacies. The secret of using this handy tool is to hold it against each lash for about 10 seconds to create a dramatic curl. Eyes look big and fresh with flirty eyelashes. 
  • You can skip on heavy eye makeup which can actually make you look more tired especially if applied in a rush. 
  • Another good trick is to wear glasses to add the definition your eyeliner would have supplied. Celebrities like Meryl Streep have also been seen wearing violet lenses in their glasses lately. This offers protection in harsh daylight, while staying clear when you go indoors. The hue of the lenses assist in hiding puffiness and the appearance of redness in your eyes which is especially useful if you are of a certain age.

4. Colour me Beautiful

  • Wear a colour that will brighten up and complement your complexion. You can do this either with a colourful top, makeup or jewelry. This is especially helpful when you’re running late. So make sure you know the colour that best compliments you. If you’re not sure, best choose a shade in pink and wear this colour in a top or a jersey. It guarantees to bring colour to that dull complexion.
  • Pearls are a girl’s best friend. Forget the notion that pearls are only for old ladies. Pearls are timeless, stylish and above all add a wonderful shimmer that will help skin appear luminous. 
  • Bring extra colour to your face by adding pinks and coral blushers or lip colour. You can even dot one of these lipstick colours on your cheeks and blend it like a cream blusher.

5. Go nude

Using light, soft lip colours are the easiest and most subtle way to achieve a well-defined mouth. Colours like champagne, rose, peach and soft toffee lip glosses will fill the lips in with colour without time consuming or perfect application required. Especially handy if it’s the morning after the night before and you don’t have a steady hand…

6. 5 Second Face Lift

If your hair is long enough tie it back into a tight and high ponytail - even if it’s a short pony. You don’t have to be concerned about your hairstyle, your skin is literaly pulled tighter and the upward lines of this style has a remarkable anti-ageing effect that works time and again.

7. Take a Bath

A 15 minute bath with aromatherapy oils added to you water is one of the best ways to instantly feel revived. For stress relief apply a small amount of skin-friendly aromatherapy oil to your wrist for a calming effect. Check on the label or with the sales assistant at your health shop if the product is safe to be used directly on your skin. Try lavender for relieving tension and peppermint to invigorate whilst acting as a natural tranquiliser.


If not even lipstick helps there are other possibilities ...

  • Wearing black: It does not help your face look better, but it makes you feel leaner and low-key.
  • Put a hat on: if you look good in hats. The grandfather style hat or Fedora as well as Poorboy caps remain trendy. And is the chic and easy way of hiding out-of-control, unwashed hair.
  • Induldge yourself and eat chocolate: - or something that you do not usually allow yourself. Close your eyes. Taste each bite. Ignore that accusatory voice in your mind that want to ruin your enjoyment. You deserve it!

Pearls of wisdom Perla Schreiber, a journalist for the French edition of Psychologies magazine and author of books that deal with woman’s issues says, “to me beauty is a feeling and the moment you experience it, it never leaves you". If you feel good about yourself you can reach out to others.  To accept yourself for who you are is a beautiful gift of generosity towards yourself. Other people also benefit from it because they recognize this freedom and realise there is freedom in being your true self.

A quotation which I live by is the words of an Indian philosopher: "To truly live in happiness, is to accept.’”

Source:  Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution by Bobbi Brown and Sally Wadyka

Article written for by Ryno Mulder: Whilst remaining Style Director of Soul Magazine, in 2010 Ryno decided to take on freelance projects as well as enjoying more time to travel the world. Ryno has since produced pages for True Love, Destiny, Bona and Business Day Wanted magazines including covers, fashion, beauty and reader as well as celebrity makeovers.