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Communicate better with your baby

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At birth, a baby’s skin is their window to the unfamiliar world that surrounds them.  For the first few months of their life, touch is one of their most advanced abilities, as newborns can feel better than they see, hear or taste. As a result, the first emotional bonds baby experiences are based on physical contact and when baby is distracted by wetness, bulk and skin irritants, he is unable to focus on the full meaning of mom’s tender caresses. For this reason, skin protection is vital if baby is to enjoy mom’s loving touch without disturbances.

Experts agree that mom’s loving touch during the first year of life can have a greater impact on a child’s cognitive and emotional development than their first year in pre-school.

“Touch is one of those amazing experiences that has an effect on more than just the tactile sense. It has an uncanny way of integrating the mind, emotions and body, releasing tension and allowing the body’s endorphins and serotonin to perform their relaxing, calming and healing functions. Touch is a gift every parent can give their child, thereby ensuring health and optimal development,” explains leading baby and parenting expert, Sister Lilian.

New Pampers Dry Max technologySo how can mothers protect and enhance this powerful process, so baby can experience, enjoy and understand the full meaning of their loving touch? The answer is by caring for their babies’ delicate skin. After more than ten years of research and development work, Pampers is delighted to introduce Dry Max™ - a technology unique to Pampers. 

The revolutionary diaper innovation helps ensure our best skin protection for babies. With new Pampers Premium Care with Dry Max™ technology, Pampers can help you protect your baby’s delicate skin in order to protect the skin’s ability as a powerful vector of communication and assist moms to connect with baby through touch. 

The key features are:

  • Dryness:  The revolutionary Dry Max™ core features Pampers’ most advanced Absorbent Gelling Material (AGM) that captures and holds fluid and locks it in place, even after it has become swollen.  Tests show this new technology absorbs as much as 12 hours’ worth of wettings, providing up to 12 hours of dryness, even overnight. 
  • Thinness: Thanks to the new Airfelt Free Technology (AFF) in the Dry Max™ core, Pampers has been able to remove virtually all the paper pulp in the core of the diaper.  This means that although the core is up to 20% thinner than before, it can absorb up to 10 times the weight of the diaper itself!  

Typically a baby excretes about 12-15 times a day, passing about 60 ml of urine every time – that’s up to 15 potential times that might compromise the health of baby’s skin. And because babies lack the ability to filter out uncomfortable sensory stimulus, there are up to 15 potential distractions that could prevent baby from feeling the full meaning of mom’s touch too.  

NEW Pampers Dry Max TechnologyWith Pampers Premium Care with Dry Max™ mom can help to protect baby’s skin so nothing gets in the way of baby’s full focus and appreciation of mom’s tactile messages of love.  When a baby feels loved, it’s a springboard to significant developmental processes.

“Touch precedes vision and hearing as a way of learning and as a result, a positive association with touch is important to enable the brain to develop and grow. The skin is perfectly equipped with tiny hairs with touch receptors that send messages to the brain to alert the baby of changes. The brain reads these messages to determine if baby can relax and enjoy the sensation, or to alert baby to any potential sources of stress.

Research indicates that babies who are touched have stronger immune systems, gain weight and have lower levels of stress hormones,” concludes development specialist, Dr Melodie de Jager.

“With Pampers Premium Care with Dry Max™, moms can be confident they’re choosing our best diaper which has been designed to ensure our best protection for baby’s skin and the potential for their personal development through touch,” adds Procter & Gamble R&D expert, Rene Staebe.

In addition, Pampers Premium Care still feels ‘soft like cotton’, has a unique honey comb layer on sizes 1, 2 and 3 to draw away wetness and runny mess from baby’s skin and, for additional protection, has five lotion strips containing aloe that help to protect the skin and prevent irritation. 

Pampers Premium Care with Dry Max™, combined together with Pampers Sensitive Wipes, are designed to help provide our ultimate skin protection. Pampers Sensitive Wipes not only gently cleanse, but also help counterbalance the irritating effect of wee and soft mess on baby’s skin. They contain a unique lotion that restores the natural pH balance of baby’s skin. As a result, diaper-change time can provide an even greater opportunity to help protect skin health, and communicate love through touch.

While it cannot be argued that cuddle-time is just as pleasurable for moms as it is for babies, a mother’s loving touch is also a vital trigger for baby’s development. Just as milk helps babies to grow, so mom’s touch nourishes their mind and body, paving the way for a future full of possibility. These expressions of love can be enhanced by simply selecting the right nappy and ensuring baby’s delicate skin is protected from irritation and wetness.

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