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Motherhood makes life interesting

By Stephanie Foster

If there is one thing that changed my life more than any other thing, it would have to be becoming a mother. This won't surprise anyone who has had children. Being a stay at home mom really emphasizes the challenges. Thank goodness for the rewards.

Children change your life. Not just in the ways you expect, such as having to get up at night to feed the baby, watching him or her grow, spending money on the many things kids need, and so forth. They change your life in ways that if you weren't a parent would probably drive you crazy. That's just kids.

It will be years before you take your privacy for granted, even in the bathroom. Little kids won't stand for it most of the time. You're behind that door and they're going to find out what you're doing. Then they'll tell you all about their latest imaginary adventure or what's happening on their favorite show that they've watched more times than you can stand.

You'll also discover how fascinating potty talk can be when you're potty training your child. Not only will you talk freely about bodily functions to your child, but to other parents as well. And they'll even get excited about it with you.

If you changed your name when you got married, that change of identity is nothing compared to the change when you become your child's Mommy. That's how you'll be identified by your's child's friends and many of their parents for years to come.

Perfectly clean home? You mean for more than a few minutes while the kids are awake? Not likely! Some days it seems like kids just have to look in a room to make it into a disaster area.

Perfect hair, makeup and clothes? You're begging for the baby to get sick, aren't you? Probably just as you're ready to head out of the house.

How about a sick day? Check your temperature, because you must be feverish. Sick or no, the kids need to be taken care of, and if it's mommy they're used to, it's mommy they will try to get even if daddy is home.

On the plus side, there are few things as wonderful as being snuggled by your child. It doesn't matter if you both had a really rough day. Kids can make it up to you with one quick hug. And if that doesn't get your energy back up at the end of the day, have a little chocolate, a hot bath or another indulgence after your kids are in bed.

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