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The Magical Milestones of Movement

Leading nappy brand, Pampers® has recently launched its new Active Baby nappy and a campaign which aims to help parents understand the importance of allowing their babies freedom of movement, when they become physically active. Movement accelerates development in babies both physically and mentally and ultimately prepares them for independence.

“It’s important to remember that babies learn primarily through movement. Psychologists have coined the term, ‘sensu-motoric’ which describes the connection between the senses and motoric action. This means that the more motoric movements a baby undertakes, the more his senses are stimulated thereby increasing baby’s knowledge of our world,” explains development specialist, Dr Melodie de Jager.

Movement facilitates progress because just as babies’ bones and muscles are growing and strengthening, so their brains are developing to take in all that they are learning as they explore their world. By way of example, a child’s ability to consciously recall information at will coincides with when they begin to walk at around 12 months.

“Babies on the move are learning important motor and perceptual skills such as distance and depth, as well as concepts like “in”, “out”, “on” and “under”. Not only are increased synapses in the brain enabling little walkers to control their movements, but they are learning the difference between automatic and willing behaviours too,” adds de Jager.

Every day, by walking or crawling through different rooms toddlers can travel over six to twelve different ground surfaces, from plush carpet to polished wooden floorboards.  By touching different materials they learn to recognise their surroundings and appreciate their differences. Their learning experience is enhanced when they crawl, walk or even manipulate different objects such as balls, books or even household objects like bowls and cups.

“By following a few simple steps daily, you can give your baby the motivation they need to get them crawling. For instance, when baby is placed on a firm surface, you can get down with him so that you too are at eye level. You can also provide baby with upper body support by rolling a towel and placing this under baby, so that his arms are hanging over the front. By raising baby this way, he can see more of his surroundings,” advises de Jager.

“To encourage your little one to walk, place her in a kneeling position in front of a low but sturdy object. Raise baby’s one knee so that her foot is placed flat on the ground, and then gently lift your tiny tot until her weight has been shifted onto that foot. Then slowly raise her into an upright position until her weight is placed firmly on both feet. Repeat this for a number of days until she can do this on her own so that baby becomes strong enough to start cruising around furniture. This lays the foundation for baby to build enough confidence to begin walking unaided. Push toys, kiddies’ strollers and box toys also provide superb opportunities to practice walking,” says de Jager.

“Subtle changes to a baby’s environment can alter the way a baby moves. Any constraints can affect a baby’s balance and propulsion, hindering development both physically and mentally. One such example is a baby wearing an ill-fitting diaper, which hampers her freedom to move as she pleases,” concludes de Jager.

Pampers® Active Baby is a nappy designed specifically with baby’s movement in mind.  Its cottony* soft, comfy fit is designed to help give babies freedom of movement as they become more physically active, while helping to reduce the risk of friction and irritation to their delicate skins.

To facilitate baby’s movement, Pampers Active Baby also has stretchy sides, allowing for up to 8 cm of tummy expansion and contraction, whilst keeping baby dry and comfortable for up to 12 hours with the extra dry layer that locks wetness away from baby’s bottom. This ensures baby has freedom to move while Mom can rest assured that baby is comfortable and dry.

The moment baby starts to move is truly a magical time which sees them grow in leaps and bounds. Moms can encourage their babies’ development by selecting a nappy which will allow them to move freely and in comfort, so that they can show off their best moves. For more information on how to guide baby’s development through movement, Moms can visit

* The cottony soft material in Pampers® does not contain real cotton.