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Keeping Children Safe on the Holidays

Family holidays are supposed to be a time of bonding and relaxation. Regardless of how young or old your children are it is impossible to totally relax!



Here are some tips to help make things a little less stressful:

  • Durban has instituted a wonderful programme where all children on the beaches are tagged with plastic id bracelets with your phone number. Consider doing the same for your little ones who wander off so easily.
  • Never leave your little ones unattended near water, even fishponds or buckets of water. They drown so quickly.
  • Skin cancer is a major problem in South Africa and not only for fair-skinned people. Insist on hats, sunblock and keep out of the sun during the heat of the day.
  • Sunburn and sunstroke make an enjoyable holiday instantly miserable.
  • Swim only in supervised demarcated areas. Watch out for currents, sharks and bluebottles in the sea.
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinking water when on the beach or out hiking.
  • No-one should ever hike alone and make sure you have a cellphone for emergencies and a jacket and flashlight.
  • Lightning is a real risk during out summer storms especially if you are camping.
  • It is great for your teens to meet new friends but it is also a time when they can hook up with the wrong crowd and start experimenting with drink and drugs. Know who they are meeting and where they are going. Make sure they understand about date rape drugs, being caught drinking and driving or going in a vehicle with unlicencsed or drunk drivers.