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Festive Season and Missing Children SA

Hi Moms,

With the Festive Season approaching fast, and school holidays on our doorsteps, it is inevitable that everybody is busy with preparations for this time of year, making plans to go away, to visit the beach or a shopping centre.  At Missing Children SA we are also doing some preparations to make sure we are ready should the demand for assistance with missing children cases rise over this period.

As precaution (the pro-active part of our mission) we have compiled safety tips for parents and children – with the help of our Facebook supporters.  The safety tips as well as the protocol (what to do when a child goes missing) are available here in English. Should you prefer to receive it in Afrikaans or Xhosa, please be sure to let us know.

The South African Police Service is investigating the possibility of designing and distributing an ID kit to all the schools in South African free of charge.  However, we are not sure when this will materialize and therefore have designed an ID kit for the interim.  Note that this is not an official document.  It was formalized to serve as a guideline as to what SAPS will need when a child goes missing.  The letter attached to the document explains all of it in detail.

Please be sure to distribute this to everybody you know:  anyone you think might benefit from it – schools, friends, family and your own children.

Remember:  your child is my child to protect!  We can help each other by looking after each other’s children!  This way we can strive to create a safe environment for every child in South Africa.

Wishing you a wonderful Festive Season.

Warmest regards,
Missing Children SA Team