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Dad's Matter: Quest for Glory

Our kids supply us with a constant stream of inspiration – although it is of the humorous, head-shaking variety and not really the kind that makes you want to go out and conquer the world. Maybe conquer insanity....

I like the old African custom where you have loads of kids in the hope that one day, in old age, they will care for you and tend to your needs. 

Because of the modern situation where we only have as many kids as we can afford to (what with schooling and other expenses being what they are) and then someone goes in for a “little procedure” (me in our case), the only way I can guarantee peace of mind in my old age is to be sure my kids are educated to the best of my budget and when they are neurosurgeons or captains of industry, quid pro quo will kick in and they'll give back some of the millions I've had to invest in them and I can retire, travel and play golf!

That's the plan of course. I do tend to live in dream world a lot...

Anyway, my book “Quest for Glory – Successes in South African Sport” will hopefully provide inspiration to future John Smits, Gary Players and Penny Heynses. 

The book was launched on 9 November to critical acclaim (from my mother) and makes an ideal Christmas gift.  I know this is a shameless advert for the book, but the contents, ideas, anecdotes will certainly make it worth buying.

The fact is, we all live vicariously through the actions of our sports stars and our kid’s achievements.  Money can be made from professional sport – a heck of a lot of it these days – and what better way for the next generation of Herchelle Gibbs (not the drinking, partying one, but the hugely talented opening batsman), Ryk Neethlings or Gary Teichmanns to be inspired by their words and actions than a book that covers them all.

Quest for Glory examines sporting success through the eyes of world champions, Olympic gold medallists and winners from across the South African sporting codes and fraternity and looks to answer questions on why people win or lose, what it takes to get to the top, the sacrifices necessary and what people have had to overcome to get to where they did.

The book is written in a style that will appeal to all readers, from the couch potato (like the author) who is passionate about sport, to the youngsters who one day plan to become professionals, nay, world champions.  It is not a text book but rather the thoughts and insights from 23 famous South African sporting personalities that include six Springbok Captains, Olympic Champions, coaches and sports scientists and those allied to sport.

The book will entertain as the reader is transported into the occasion, it will provide insight into what it takes to be the best and it will inspire as the wise words of winners deliver simple yet powerful messages.

Quest for Glory
is available at Books & Books at Kensington Square, all Exclusive Books, on and as a eBook around the world.
We've got a copy to give-away : a GREAT Stocking filler!

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