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Teacher's Appreciation Gift Ideas - DIY

As the end of the year draws near again we are faced with the dilemma of what to give your child’s teacher.  One solution which is adopted by many, is pooling together a prescribed amount of money and giving the teacher a voucher from all the children.  The teacher can then spend this voucher on anything they wish.

Another option is for children to get hands-on with the end of year gifts for their teachers. So that on the last day of school the child gets to take the teacher a small token of appreciation for all they have done for them.  This 'little something' can serve as a special time for the teacher to remember your child, even if it's just for the moment when devour the chocolates in the handmade wrapping paper!

This year we have some suggestions from Crafting Kids for you and your kids to make your own gifts. Why not ask them if they would like to contribute towards a gift from the whole class for their teachers,or make something instead. You may be surprised with their answer!

Toilet Roll Pen Holder

You will need:
•    Empty Toilet roll
•    Plastic 2 lt Milk container lid
•    Coloured Ice cream sticks
•    Stickers

Push the milk top lid into the bottom of the toilet roll and glue in place.  Cover the whole toilet roll with craft glue and stick the ice cream sticks around the toilet roll.  Allow to dry.  Once dry decorate with stickers of your choice.


Decorative Paperweight

You will need:
•    Medium sized garden stone
•    Different coloured tissue paper ( at least 2)
•    Stickers (Optional)
•    Metallic Paint
•    Modge / Craft glue watered down
•    Glitter varnish

Paint the stone a light colour using basic craft paint.  Using torn up pieces of tissue and modge or glue, stick piece in a random pattern.  Allow to the top to dry before doing the bottom.  Once dry using a sponge dab metallic paint in random spots all over the stone.  Put stickers on and then cover the whole stone with glitter varnish.

Feathered Pencil

You will need:
•    A pencil with a rubber on top (glitter pencil optional)
•    Craft Glue
•    Feathers
•    Dried Flower (Optional)

Gentle wriggle the rubber out of the metal casing on the top of the pencil.  Fill the resulting hole with craft glue.  Stick different sized feathers into the top and allow it to dry.  If you are putting a flower in add this and arrange the feathers around the flower. 
Other Gift Ideas
  • Bake some biscuits and put them in a nice glass jar or reusable container.
  • Make some fudge and package it nicely in a gift bag or container.
  • Make up a night at the movies package. Include a voucher to hire a dvd, some microwave popcorn.  A can of cooldrink and some whisper chocolates.
  • Make a Fun Survival Kit for your Teacher - Choose one or all of these survival kit ingredients, or you can think of your own:
    • Aspirin: When all else fails, take 2 and take a time out.
    • Band-Aid: For when things get a little rough.
    • Crayon: To color every day bright and cheerful.
    • Ear Plugs: For when the noise get's too overwhelming.
    • Life-Saver Candy: Because you are a life saver to many children.
    • Marbles: To replace those you might loose from time to time.
    • Mounds Candy Bar: For the mounds of knowledge you share.
    • Paper Clip: For when you need help in holding things together.
    • Peanuts: To remind you to be a little nutty sometimes.
    • Puzzle Piece: Because you are a big piece of every child's life.
    • Rubber Band: To remind you to be flexible.
    • Starburst Candy: To give you a burst of energy when you need it.
This survival kit gift is sure to be a hit with your teacher!

Crafting Kids
has evolved from a need to let kids have fun again. Get them away from those televisions and do something that will stimulate them, whilst developing the ability to express themselves. It also allows them to learn different skills and make exciting projects.