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Unacceptable Chemicals in Mosquito Repellents for infants

As South Africa heads back into the Summer season, unwelcome bugs will once again make an appearance, and in particular mosquitoes will again hunt during the night, causing a great deal of irritation and stress to infants and toddlers.

As heavy rainfalls move towards South Africa, the migration of mosquitoes south and the unavoidable breading patterns will result in a surge of mosquitoes in both rural and urban areas.  The most susceptible to these bugs are infants and toddlers who are unable to fend these off during the night, and which represent easy prey for mosquitoes,” says Germophobe Laboratories MD Avin Levy.

While the most common disease associated with mosquitoes is Malaria, they also transmit a host of other illnesses such as Equine Encephalitis. Continued biting make disrupt the infants sleeping pattern as the child wakes more often due to the itchiness associated with bites. This in turn leads to prolonged periods of interruption when sleeping patterns are usually developed.”

Standard mosquito sprays, night pads and lotions may be suitable for older children and adults, but are not recommended for use on infants.

Mosquito repellent lotions contain various active ingredients such as diethyltoluamide, which is approved by the World Health Organisation, but may still cause irritation on sensitive skin. An infant’s skin is still developing and becoming used to various new situations, and the application of such products may lead to an easier skin sensitivity or allergic reactions.”

Mosquito night pads and liquids are commonly used to kill or repel mosquitoes while we sleep, but similarly, their active ingredient, Prallethrine (Pyrethroid) may be harmful to the infants if the inhale the fumes over a prolonged period. The products also carry warning that they are highly flammable and are fatal if consumed.”

Both of the aforementioned product ranges represent unacceptable hazard levels for infants and toddlers, which is exactly why the product development team at Germophobe Laboratories aimed to develop a safe and non-toxic alternative,” says Levy.

The SoPure™ Mosquito Spray was specifically designed for infants and toddlers with a firm understanding that it had to offer the maximum repellent service without representing unacceptable hazardous side effects associated with it’s application, use or digestion.

The SoPure™ Mosquito Spray contains water and extremely low levels of denatured ethanol. The combination of these ingredients allows for a potent repellent that is safe, not oil based, and non-toxic although digestion of this product is strongly discouraged – as with any repellent product.”

This product therefore allows for infants and toddlers to be safely protected by the advances of female mosquitoes needing the protein in the infant’s blood for the development of their eggs.  We are very proud to offer this product to caregivers as a means to ensuring that the little ones sleep through the night without the fear of a mosquito onslaught,” concludes Levy.


The SoPure™ range is available nationally at Baby City,  Dis-Chem, ToysRus, Reggies and leading pharmacies.