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Baby Sense : RECALL on Taglets

Recall on Baby Sense tagletsDear Baby Sense Parents,

For Baby Sense, the well-being of your baby is our prime concern. You trust Baby Sense to deliver effective and quality solutions. Each product we design is carefully developed and manufactured to ensure that our quality remains dependable and our brand trusted. Your feedback in this regard is highly appreciated and contributes to Baby Sense’s success.

While monitoring quality, I have discovered a batch of Taglets that does not meet our standards. The satin ribbon tags on some of the Taglets that have reached the market are coming loose. For this reason we have taken the responsible decision to recall all Taglets that fall short of our high standards and replace them with Taglets that do meet our stringent controls.

If you have bought or been given a Taglet since June 2010 please test it. To do so, pull at each satin ribbon with moderate force to see whether the satin tag gets dislodged. If the tag feels loose in anyway, please contact our Help Desk at 021 945 3881 or and we will gladly advise you on how to go about getting your Taglet replaced.

We would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the inconvenience this causes and appreciate your understanding. We are taking this seriously in line with our commitment to ensuring that all our products adhere to the highest quality standards. This commitment to quality is in line with our dedication to you and is what you have come to expect from Baby Sense.

Yours faithfully
Megan Faure
Baby Sense

Message from MomsMatter Editor: I must give full credit to Megan for demonstrating her commitment to the quality of the Baby Sense products! Personally, I believe that the Baby Sense Swaddle is just the best thing since sliced bread. My little girl always looked so cute all wrapped up - and she slept through from 6 weeks (I promise!).
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