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Back to School 2011 (pt 3)


Some children find learning difficult and some find it easy when they get into it but it doesn't matter where they are on the learning spectrum, some children seem to find it impossible to sit and do their homework! 

It is a good idea to sit with them, or, if they are older, to take an interest in what they've been asked to do and what they've come up with when they have finished. For younger children, having your moral support is important and by talking to them you can help them to learn. You don't need to be their teacher and shouldn't do the homework for them, but it's good to share ideas and ask them questions to help them reach the answer. 

While having a routine helps, if your child is resistant, battles are bound to happen and then it's no fun for anyone... and routine tends to go out of the window at that point. But hopefully the suggestions below will help both you and your child to get to grips with homework - after all, it will become even more integral to your child's education as they continue to grow!

  • Sit at a table with pens, eraser and paper at hand
  • Turn off the TV
  • Try to keep brothers / sisters distracted
  • Choose a time when your child is best able to work. After a quick snack when you've got in from school, or after tea and before bed perhaps?
  • Try to stick to the same routine

If your children are around the age of 6 or 7 you will find they are starting to get a little homework. A few spellings, a bit of reading, and an occasional maths sheet perhaps. By the time they get to high school the pressure's really on! It can be difficult to know what you can do to help them - for most children homework is a chore that they don't really want to do.

If you leave them to it, they'll be rushing at the last minute, and if you nag them, it seems to make it worse. Sorry - don't know the answer to that one! 

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As the kids walk in the door, have one designated spot for the children to empty their bags in. Try using a funky box (such as those from Neat Freak) or a standard 'in tray' labelled for each child - and one for yourself too! Then go through each child's tray to see what homework needs to be completed.

If there are notes from teachers, announcements, forms, book orders or field trip slips, these forms go into your tray until you write the details on your MONTHLY CALENDAR or, once completed, go back into the kids' trays. Before bedtime the kids must transfer their tray contents back into their school bag... ready for school the next morning. 

For notices that require action, consider placing a large magnetic clip on the front of the fridge for notices that still need attention- such as school events, party invitations, etc. If there's something that MUST go to school the next morning, then put it with your car keys - then you really can't leave without it!

Back to School 2011 (pt 3)
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