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Back to School 2011 (pt 2)


Print your Term PlannerDownload the SCHOOL WEEK AT A GLANCE planner and note down your children's commitments on a weekly basis. Stick it on the fridge or other prominent place so that you can see at a glance what you need on each day.

Some parents turn up at school on time, every day, with their children carrying everything they need. The rest of us are either just flinging them at the school gate and running off to work (if we're there at all) or feeling guilty about leaving children we've been shouting at for the last half an hour to get ready, or cursing ourselves – or the children – for having forgotten takkies / library book / swimming gear / homework yet again. 

Agree on a daily schedule that suits the family and encourage your child to take responsibility for following the routine. For instance, a snack when they come home, with homework straight after and the rest of the day for play. Of course, there needs to be some flexibility, but the beauty of creating this habit is that it takes away the daily discussions, and the pleas for doing homework “just after this programme" or “when I've had a swim" ...

THE NIGHT BEFORE (if you can):

  • Put all the non-perishable food in the lunchboxes, then you just have to add drinks and sandwiches in the morning;
  • Put snacks/sandwiches in the fridge ready to transfer to lunchbox;
  • Make sure the juice bottles are filled and in the fridge/freezer;
  • Put out uniform or outfit for the following day;
  • Make sure all school bags are ready and packed with all completed homework inside;
  • Check your TERM SCHOOL WEEK AT A GLANCE for what might be needed following day: swimming, music lessons, recycle day, PE etc;
  • Make sure you've signed any forms etc that need attention for the next day;
  • Check all homework has been done and is in the bag ready to go to school.  
  • We've made up a GET READY FOR BED checklist for younger children to help with a good night's sleep - so that the kids wake up bright-eyed and bushy-taled for a new day at school! 


  • Get up at least 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to. There will always be a glass of spilled milk or a “melt-down” when you least expect it.
  • Ask your children to put their clothes or uniform on before coming down for breakfast – it will save a lot of time.
  • Some parents allow their children watch television when they are completely ready for school.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So please make sure your kids don’t skip breakfast! Help them get in the habit of eating a nutritious meal before leaving the house. Set realistic goals for you and your family. This may be the only meal of the day you can control what your kids eat. make it quick, tasty, and whatever you do - don’t tell them it’s good for them! 
  • Print your 'Get Ready for School' checklistHave a LET'S GET READY FOR SCHOOL CHECKLIST if needed to help your child remember their morning routine. Many children love ticking things off as they do them. You could use it as a reward chart for a daily sticker to wear on their t-shirt - or a weekly reward if that works better. Write down all that this includes: getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, brushing hair, washing face, making bed, putting shoes on, checking bags.
  •  When you've had a good morning, remember to give yourself a pat on the back too!


  • Routine…Routine….Routine. (kids need it!)
  • School bags emptied when kids come in the door. Have a specific spot for their papers where you can go through them.
  • A small health snack can help with concentration.
  • HOMEWORK TIME (don't delay it, get it over with..they are still in school mode..not play mode yet.)
  • Put their book bags away in a set spot. Hooks on the back of a door can work a treat.

Back to School 2011 (pt2)
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