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Back to School 2011

The 2011 School Year has already started for some of South Africa, and the rest of us will be following suit on Wednesday..

Here are a few tips, special offers and FREE DOWNLOADS for helping the 2011 school year to be fuss-free and enjoyable for the whole family.

  • 2011 School Year Dates
  • School uniform
  • School shoes
  • Labelling
  • Extra-Murals & Activities
  • Routine
  • Homework
  • School Notices
  • De-clutter your child's space
  • School lunches - with love 
  • FREE Downloads


Check that your child's summer uniform still fits after the long break! Splash out on an extra top or two to cut back on extra stress during those odd occasions where the washing wasn't done in time, or your child leaves one at a friend’s place. If you are looking to save some money, look into the option of second-hand uniforms - enquire at your school.


As with the summer uniform, you will most probably be considering a new pair of summer shoes/sandals for those children who wear uniform at school. Did you know that more than 80% of foot problems, bunions and injuries are the result of badly fitting and inflexible shoes...

The FROGGIE BAREFOOT SCIENCE School Shoes are based on a revolutionary design and is THE ONLY school shoe approved and commended for excellence by the the SA Podiatry Association. Barefoot Science is proven by medical science to be the best for your child's feet. Girls & boys shoes are in store now! 


Yes, labelling is a drag but it could save you a small fortune! You know the black hole in your house where the odd socks go? Well, the school has a much bigger black hole and it sucks up jerseys, coats, bags, and even shoes at an alarming rate...and they are rarely seen again. It only takes a few minutes and can save you lots of money on lost property.

Be a 'good mom', and label everything with vigour before the first day of school. Now is the time (particularly with new uniforms and shoes) to check and ensure that EVERYTHING is labelled.

And if your child is at a school or pre-primary where there is no uniform, don't think that you don't need to label too... The Lost Property box can grow faster than the credit card receipts in your purse!


View your local directory for comprehensive optionsA new year... and new extra-mural activities! 

There are so many EXTRA-MURAL ACTIVITIES to choose from for your child. You should decide how many activities you think are reasonable, given your child's age and energy levels, and let your child lead when it comes to choosing what they want to do. Make sure they realise that these extramural activities require a degree of commitment, in terms of looking after kit and attending lessons and practises regularly.

Check your local directory for options in your area! 

Back to School 2011 (pt 1)
School uniform, School shoes, Labelling, Extra-Murals & Activities, Routine, Homework, School Notices, De-clutter your child's space, School lunches & FREE DOWNLOADS....