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That Dreaded Dandruff

Just the thought of a snowfall on a black jacket brings to the mind an image of the dreaded dandruff menace.  How common is dandruff?  The answer is about one in every two people! 

Dandruff is dead skin and shedding some of this dead skin is a natural thing but at some point however, dandruff can be rather annoying, especially when your head itches too much.  Dandruff can be considered a skin disorder that results in overproduction of shiny, silvery scales that separate from the scalp and collect amidst the hair.  Getting the right shampoo is essential for dandruff treatment...But what causes dandruff?
Dandruff is linked to impaired general health and well being.  Dandruff is caused by a hormonal imbalance, allergic reactions, stress, poor hygiene, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, constipation, low immune system functioning due to the development of toxic conditions or infectious diseases.   It can also be due to an inherited genetic trait. If your mom for example usually has dandruff, chances are, you’d be subject to such an affliction all throughout your lifetime.  Other probable causes of dandruff include harsh shampoos, general exhaustion and over exposure to cold and heat conditions.

Do not lose hope though, because, through good hair and scalp care you can curb dandruff from appearing. You cannot cure dandruff; you only have to limit its occurrence. Mild shampoos are great for those with dandruff because these shampoos do not irritate your hair and your scalp making the flaking worst than ever. If  your regular dandruff shampoo does not work, try another brand or maybe you can switch to baby shampoos because they are milder.   Of course the best alternative would be swopping to a shampoo and conditioner that is natural and/or organic, free of all those chemicals that can irritate the scalp and exacerbate the problem...I’ve seen them work miracles!

Keeping hair and scalp clean is one way to avoid accumulation of dead cells and is considered the best dandruff prevention tip.  Brush hair daily to improve circulation and remove any surface flakiness. The right way to do this would be to bend forward from the waist with the head down towards the ground and brush in upward strokes, from the nape of the neck towards the top of the head. Massaging of the scalp regularly before brushing the hair helps the hair follicles breathe as it stimulates the circulation, dislodges dirt and dandruff and encourages hair growth.

Avoid unnecessary exposure of the head to the rays of the sun as the heat can play havoc with the scalp and result in overproduction of oil that can block pores, cause dead cells to accumulate and result in dandruff.

You should also lather your hair with shampoo twice and then rinse it thoroughly to get rid of all the shampoo. If shampoo residue is left on your hair, chances are, your scalp will get irritated and you’d have dandruff again.

Health care experts advise persons suffering from frequent episodes of dandruff and related skin problems to restrict intake of strong tea/coffee, pickles, refined and processed foods and meats, white flour products and sugar as well.  Instead persons with dandruff problems should raise intake of plain water, green leafy vegetables and fruit to keep the body hydrated and dry, scaly scalp and “out of season snowfall” at bay.  Do not forget to eat right because if you take care of yourself from within, you will become healthier and this includes your hair and your scalp.

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