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A message from "The Party Pack Pooper"

PARTY PACKS... As a community of moms who Matter we would all be doing each other a big favour by putting an end to this ridiculous concept … the more who don’t do it the less our children will expect them, everyone will be better off!

Here are my reasons why we shouldn’t do them: -

  • They cost money  - like parties don’t already cost a lot!
  • Another thing to organize for a party when you  are already frantically running around making cakes, buying sweets, buying eats for adults and wondering if you have enough  mugs to serve tea in!
  • All Mums know the feeling of loading sugar crazed kids into the car after a party and having to negotiate with them when they can or can’t eat the damn things!
  • Our children are growing up to expect a party pack on leaving a party! What are we teaching our kids… you go to someone else’s party, get entertained, fed cake and sweets and come away with a pack that sometimes costs more than the present you gave – it is ludicrous!
  • The host Mum worries that there might not be enough party packs to go when the invitee comes with a sibling or two.
  • If my house is like many others, the party packs land up in the grocery cupboard only to be thrown away a year of two later when I am doing a spring clean (that is if Dad hasn’t found them useful for midnight feast material)

I am sure that my feelings are shared by countless Moms out there... and I feel much better that I have got it off my chest!


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22 Comments so far:
Hayley on 21 September 2010
Totally agree with you, its an Unnecessary waste of time and money!! All it is doing is producing children who expect more and more, making them a spoilt generation..... The party itself is something special to appreciate!
Tanya on 21 September 2010
I totally agree... as the mother of a 22 month old, most of the sweets she cant even eat... and then i have to eat it... the cakes and sweets at the party should be enough! i will proudly join you!!
Kim on 21 September 2010
I agree completely, another idea for party pack is that the kids get them at the beginning of the party and that is their snack for the party, with a juice, and the CAKE is the highlight of the party... just a thought...
Eve on 22 September 2010
Couldn't agree more. I hate the things, they spoil the enjoyment of the day as you always have to have a fight with the kid about it on the way home.
Sian Holtzhuizen on 22 September 2010
I went to a friends home for her childs birthday, instead of sweets on the table and a party pack... on entrance, every child got a little box containing a juice, pkt of chips, a few sweets and some crayons. she then had a few pictures on the table so that children could use the crayons to colour.

I thought it was a fantastic idea and cost effective...
Jellie on 22 September 2010
Totally agree as an mother of 5 kids live is expensive enough,
i always try to buy a little ball, or marbles or funny sunglasses to bring home they eat sweets enough!!! so lets stop it!!!
Lize Spies on 22 September 2010
My only objection is that the kids have already had way too many sweets and DO NOT understand when you say the party pack is for later.

I think having a party pack only, no sweets on the table, works but also think we could change things up by providing healthy snacks or lunch (as I am sure some have done)The cake (which costs a pretty penny for those that don't bake) should be enough. And for the adventurous moms maybe simulating the "I can Cook" idea could work too. Kids seem to eat things they normally won't when they have made it....or at least mine does:-)
Sandy on 22 September 2010
I totally agree! For my daughter's 11th birthday, I gave each girl a Shield Teens gift pack which I picked up at a fraction of the price. The girls loved it.
Thoscor on 22 September 2010
The worst part is that in my child's preschool they bring these packs including a small toy inside, now when she comes home to her little sister there is bound to be fight because you can't have one toy for one and nothing for the other, basically everytime there is going to be a party at school I know it will be a war zone in my house! Please parents lets do away with them, it'll take two or three parents not to have them in their parties then everyone else will follow, lets break this trend.
Dinks on 22 September 2010
I'm a HUGE party pack fan! I send a party pack to school for each and every child in my son’s (Dec birthday) and my daughter’s (Jan birthday) as well as a cake - I do not have a party at home, this way all the “friends” get a treat. The onus remains on the parents (or teachers) as to when the children get to have a treat.
Adele on 22 September 2010
Enough with party packs,let's stop it! We are teaching our kids to expect something in return for gracing the birthday child with their presence. What's up with that.
Maya Stephens on 22 September 2010
I am a party pack fan! This year for my daughter's birthday, I decided to do away with sweets and chips on the table, and instead provided a party pack for each child with a few sweets, a packet of chips, a juice, some dried fruit (which was a big hit!) and a small toy. I find that at parties children are more interested in playing than eating, and there is no need to provide tables full of food which will end up being wasted. A selection of sandwiches were sufficient for the parents, and of course a cake for the birthday girl!
Janette on 22 September 2010
Kids love party packs - and parties are all about the kids! My children love giving out party packs at their parties just as much as they enjoy receiving them.
rabia on 22 September 2010
Party packs r fun-i love them...probably more than my little girls-lol!its ur decision as to wat u put in-most kids r appreciative of the mere gesture...I've dun packs with not a single sweet in sight(not even on the table-we had carrot sticks,oranges,pizza,milos n water)many big wholesalers hav an interesting supply of kids toys(bubbles,water pistols,whistles,etc),n contrary to belief it cud b cheaper to buy these trinkets instead of sugar-loading the tots!!ultimately its the hosts pertogative,but know tht party packs r here to long as there's me n a few more alike
Annie on 22 September 2010
Totally agree, only throw those away a few months down the line anyway
Catherine on 23 September 2010
BAN PARTY PACKS!! I think the expectation that the children have at the end of a party to get something before they leave is awful. My daughter is probably the worst at expecting this so I am all for them not getting anything besides a great fun party. Nowadays children are so over-indulged. The only person that should receive a gift at a party is the....birthday girl/boy.
Lorrin on 23 September 2010
My son had his party at a touch farm everything was icluded in the deal from the cake to the partypacks decor etc, it was wonderful that everything was ready when we got there instead of me running around like a mad thing. Each to their own I love party packs instead of having sweets & things everytwhere.
Salome on 30 September 2010
I completely agree that they should be banned.

We never received party packs, instead if any leftovers where there it was distributed to the kids.

I wont be doing this for my LO's party.
Carmen on 12 November 2010
I told my daughter that she may only choose 5 of her best friends, and I took them to the Zoo. The party packs were affordable, and the celebration was not stressfull compared to the financially stressfull obligation, as well as the entertainment of many kids and their parents when you book a venue. The zoo visit was for my daughter and her little friends only, and was not geared at impressing the parents.
Cheries on 25 February 2011
I totally agree! I think party packs are ridiculous if you're still offering sweets & stuff on the tables. But if the party pack is for the actual party, then it could work.
Hayleigh on 25 February 2011
I put all the sweets, balloons, bubbles, etc into the party packs and only have cake on the table.

I make my party packs from small coffee tins, paint them, glue on a small handle and stick on a picture.

They become party of the table decor, everyone eats there own and if theirs are finished there are no more.

But here's the catch, they don't fit much in after the chips, the balloon whistle/bubbles - mostly on a sucker, fizzer and maybe a small pack of jelly tots and thats it.

The other food that is on offer at our parties are fruit, sandwiches, peanuts, popcorn, potatoe salad and hot dogs. I know it sounds quiet unusual but all the moms have said thank you for actually feeding their children. I didn't even have any cake left over after my youngest birthday party in Jan.
Vicky on 9 March 2011
My daughter had a swimming party last year. Instead of having tones of food, I provided each child with a party bag with a juice box, a packet if chrisps, a couple of lollies and a little $2 water pistol. Other than that, I had 2 big pizzas and the birthday cake. That was the easiest birthday ever and the kids loved the pool.
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