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Moms on Strike in PMB!

What would happen if moms went on strike - what would you demand?

Sanctuary Beauty ClinicLet us know your demands and one well-deserving PMB Mom who Matters will receive a free facial from the Sanctuary Beauty Clinic in Chatterton Road, PMB.
(Winner will be randomly chosen from comments on Friday 27th August).

3 Comments so far:
mel martin on 23 August 2010
more child friendly places in PMB,watch out for Tumble Inn
Tracey Beaumont on 23 August 2010
A decent clean park with facilities where our children can play safely...
And a morning out will cost the price of an icecream!
London has x1 park in every suburb!!
Cath Davie on 30 August 2010
To be able to walk around the city centre with our kids like when we were in children!
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