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Moms on Strike too!

What would happen if moms went on strike - what would you demand?

Congratulations to Lindy who has been chosen to receive complimentary tickets to the Ladies Wellness Workshop (Detox) at the Durban Country Club on 11th September.

35 Comments so far:
Raquel on 20 August 2010
1.Sleep in on Saturday Morning
2.10 mins a day for the Orbitrek
Justine Lovemore on 20 August 2010
1.Peace and quiet
Alma on 20 August 2010
Children can stay young and innocent for longer
JUNETT on 20 August 2010
If I had to goon strike-here are my list of demands:
.I would like more than 4 hours sleep every night.
. I would like to pampered & spoiled & told well -down your doing the best you can.
.I would like a half day job with a full day salary.
.Being a single mom to a busy 3 year old-I would like a holiday-scheew....maybe even a daddy-figure for my boy :-)
Nishana Pitam on 20 August 2010
1. Yup.definitely peace and quiet preferably on a Sunday morning.
Tamryn on 20 August 2010
A nice hot long bath by myself,A chance to eat whatevers on my plate alone(without having to share with my two daughters)!
A chance to wee alone no banging on the door (or tryna look under it)!
A day off from having to think about what Im cooking for supper and actually tryna cook it while the kids are demanding at tugging at my pants!
Think I should start itoyi,itoyi now!!
Stella Bester on 20 August 2010
A hot meal, not made by me, having a hot cup of tea.
Sam B on 20 August 2010
My DEMANDS would include......
Children to please make eye contact when we are talking - my voice is not coming out of the TV/Wii...please put your dinner dishes in the sink - getting the dog to lick then does not qualify as clean........a Cuddle on weekend mornings when we have the time to laze about
and never ever go anywhere without a hug and a "I Love You"
Lindy Beneke on 20 August 2010
If I had to go on strike I would demand:
- my son actually read and use his chore-chart that I worked so hard on.
- a day at the spa (fully paid for by Hubby).
- appreciation for the cleaning,etc.
- the family get up and get going when I wake them in the mornings.
- finally, i would like +- 1/2 an hour a day to exercise my body back into shape after having 2 kids (both natural births).
Sarah on 20 August 2010
If i had to go on strike, i would demand to:

Go to the toilet in peace
Have a lie in one day of the weekend
To have more than 3 days of a full nights sleep without getting up for my 18mth old
Day off at a spa twice a year
Lesmarie Ann Williams on 20 August 2010
If I could have one demand it would be for my children to NOT look at the plate of food I have so lovingly cooked and made sure was a part of a healthy balanced diet and say "This looks gross - Do we have to eat it?"
Kelly on 20 August 2010
Monthly treats at a beauty spa
A sat afternoon, actually and sun afternoon kip
a 4 yr old that doesn't back chat
ability to finish a good book in less than 6 months
pre-packed lunches for school (they must just appear in my fridge overnight)
Ilse Dakers on 20 August 2010
I would go on strike just to receive some appreciation for the breakfast that I have made, lunches that I have packed, full day that I have worked, the kids I have collected from school, the dinner I have cooked, house that I have cleaned, kids that I have bathed, read to and put to bed - all in one day
Lauren Cowan on 20 August 2010
Recognition - from the Dad/husband - for all it takes to be the Mom/wife.
Belinda on 21 August 2010
- Coffee every hour
- Slab of chocolate every Friday not to share with anyone
- Shopping allowance to go up by 5 percent every year for the next three years. Children not allowed to accompany Mom on shopping trips.
Karen on 21 August 2010
I just one one day free of any demands - just a day where nobody wants anything from me - now that would be a real treat!
Fatima Peer on 22 August 2010
My list of demands:
1. Kids should not need to go to the toilet or need a nappy change while I am in the middle of my meal.
2. Kids should be more like I was as a child.
3. Kids must say thank you for giving up your career and staying at home with us or at least be good!
4. Grandparents should not interfere when I am trying to discipline the kids.

Sam on 22 August 2010
- To be able to finish one warm meal.
- Have at least one uninterrupted telephone call to my Mom, once a month, without anyone being thirsty, hungry, bleeding etc while I'm on the call.
- One weekend away with my friends to scrapbook, chat (without interruptions of running to check where the boys are), and have a glass of wine.
Rene' on 22 August 2010
To have:
- hubby tell me I'm still good looking @ least once /mnth.
- my bills paid by hubby at least once a year.
- R700 housing allowance!?
-1 movie night out with the girlfriends.
- as long a shower as my husband
- loo time without anyone yelling for me.
- 1 day/week @the gym
- 1 shopping day a mth - alone.
- 1 night sleep - alone.
- 1 meal cooked just for me - not by me.

Michelle Lawrence on 23 August 2010
Well, I had an op 3 weeks ago and life changed for the better (for me). My hubby suddendly had to see to the twins (9yrs next Monday), they all had to get the washing done, pack school bags, make beds (without me), make all the meals and ensure that the house is kept clean and I've just kept it going, I refuse to go back to how things were going in the house and doing everything for everybody 'coz it was exhausting!!! I naturally don't just sit back an relax, but we all work together as a team now and it's wonderful!!
Tracey Bevan on 23 August 2010
well since im a sahm and a "teacher" to my 18month old i too would like a housing allowance.
-my child to allow me to have toilet time without sitting staring at me or screaming because i closed the door.
- for my child and hubby's ears to miraculously start listening to my voice.
- to be allowed a sleep in every time we(by that i mean I!!) have a bad night with the little one.
-to be treated to back ,foot, head massage by hubby or a professional.
-to have the dishes cleaned for me whilst im busy with other matters(WITHOUT me asking)
- for mil to back off whilst we(once again, I!) discipline my child.
- to be given the day off once in a while to do the things i would like to do.
- and lastly for ppl to stop critizing me and the choice hubby and i have made for me to be a sahm, and to actually understand that children are EXTREMELY hard work (i dont just sit on my butt all day doing nothing you know!!)
Amanda on 25 August 2010
-Some 'me-time' at least once a month.
- An additional person to do the school trips.
- to at least eat supper in peace.
- to be able to have a decent bath-without having to rush.
I don't think these are too much to ask??
Nisha Naiker on 25 August 2010
My demands would be:
1. to stop working altogether and just sit at home and watch TV all day;
2. Have someone massage my feet every afternoon;
3. Some 'me' time - I love my kids - but sometimes I just tire of hearing them fight and whine!
4. To eat a plate of prawns with no disturbance.
Bev on 25 August 2010
I would like an everlasting supply of hugs and kisses to make all the tough times - like the sleepless nights, lack of privacy, etc worthwhile.
Nicky on 25 August 2010
My demands would be:

1.Appreciation for everything I do.

2. Chemical free products.

3. One guilt free day off a month.

4. To be told the truth by the "professionals"

5. A half day job (with full salary)

Denishree on 25 August 2010
My demands would include-
-A day a week where I dont have to wake up every two hour's to feed either one of my 3 month old boys.
-Not having to come home from work at 21:00pm to start cooking, cleaning and preparing for the next day, which I have to wake up at 04:00am.
-A day without having to pick and clean up after my husband and kids.
-A day at Mangwanani Spa with my husband, paid for by my husband.
-A day once a month to do what I want to do.
-Not having to rush in the bath, then come out and rush puting on my clothes without having the time to put on some lotion.
Tatum on 25 August 2010
My demands are:

For crèche fees to be reduced….
When I come home I must at least have a cup of tea and put my bag down before the children come screaming “mummy mummy”
Every Saturday morning 2 hours free time to do my hair and shave my legs without the kids around.
To have free time in the toilet with no kids in it as well.
My job must be half day with full pay.
To eat in peace *thinking* when last……….
No screaming with I wash hair and comb the kids hair.
To have ladies night out with no one calling me to come home (have not done that since I had kids)
My children must be quiet when we are in church (church is not play time)
Claron Liebenberg on 25 August 2010
If I had to go on strike, these would be my demands:

- my son actually read and use his chore-chart that I worked so hard on.
- a day at the spa (fully paid for by Hubby).
- appreciation for the cleaning,etc.
- for my son to NOT look at the plate of food I have so lovingly cooked and made sure was a part of a healthy balanced diet and say "I am not hungry!"
- coffee every hour
- slab of 70% chocolate every Friday to eat at leisure on my own.
- a day where nobody wants anything from me
- have at least one uninterrupted telephone call, without anyone being thirsty, hungry, bleeding etc while I'm on the call.
- be able to read a book during the day without disturbances

Not much to ask for and know this isn’t going to happen!
cheriese on 25 August 2010
okay here it goes...
firstly to not have to sit on the loo just to have some quiet time to read my magazine, in fact even when I try that I still end up with someone on my lap wanting to read aswell...
please please please.. to just be able to finish a complete sentance on the that too much to ask??
Also go to work with blow waved hair, complete make up and without grubby finger marks on my black pants!
To sit through an entire cup of tea (or caraffe of wine) and watch a tv show uninterrupted until the end(thank God for PVR)
to be excluded from the "guess the shape of my poo poo" in the toilet game!
and my final demand is that with all I have complained about I will never ever forget what pure joy my children have brought to my life!
kim on 25 August 2010
I demand a minimum of 8% increase in hugs every year and stronger alliances with my righthand man!
Vira on 25 August 2010
I would like to be spoilt and acknowledged for all that i do -cos hubby never bothers about any special occasion (INCL MY BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARY) because "we are married now"
Debbie on 25 August 2010
I would demand more hours in a day. More time to count my blessings for my 3 healthy children. More time to share with my wonderful husband. More time to enjoy what I have now, because before we know it we will be wishing that our kids and husbands needed us more. That we didn't have somuch time for ourselves and that I kids wanted more from us. So my demand would definately be, MORE TIME to enjoy being needed.
leena rasen on 26 August 2010
* make me look like i did before my baby, its been three years already
* a day at the spa
*at least two hours a day to study
* time to have a long bath and in private so i can get to at least shave my legs
* at least an outing to the movies and supper with my hubby and 3 year old son, cos its been two years
Reshma on 26 August 2010
If I had to go on strike : I would demand :
1. JUST 30minutes for me ,myself and
2. Less screaming and tanrums.
3. More alone time with DAD.
4. Quality time with the kids that excludes PLAY STATION AND TV.
4. More graditude in the form of HUGS AND Kisses , and just plain down GOOD manners.
Tiffany Davies on 26 August 2010
Just to be appreciated for all that we do. A love, a thanks, an offer of help.
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