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Skills to Boost Your Kids

"In the sci-fi world of rockets and robots, computer keyboards don’t exist. Humans always talk to their computers, giving them orders, commands and requests. In the blockbuster film Avatar, touch screen technology was the big deal. But until these high tech visions  are realized, the 88-key QWERTY keyboard – together with the mouse  will remain the main interface between man and machine.  And yet, it’s amazing how many people still haven’t mastered their keyboard. “Hunt and Peck” remains a trusted method for data entry for over 25% of computer users."
Kevin Lerner, The Presentation Team

Visit The Bright Ideas Outfit for more informationAs a very speedy touch-typist myself, I have always received jealous glares from colleagues and even my husband and children as I bash away at my keyboard effortlessly.  My dexterity makes them look like palookas.  And I have always battled to find assistants who could work faster or more accurately than me which has been so frustrating because they could never keep up with my productivity.

Touch typing is definitely one of the skills I would like my children to master long before they leave school.  Did you know that it boosts productivity on a keyboard by up to 60%? Who wouldnt want to do that? I learnt to touch type in Australia when I was an 18 year old exchange student.  Back then I never realised that taking this practical 
subject would benefit me so much in the long-run.  To this day, I marvel at  the ability of the human brain and how trainable it is.  Touch typing is such an excellent example of this.

Learning how to read is another skill that often blows my mind.  That we can make sense out of such abstract symbols as  letters and numbers  a decoding system, if you will  is an incredible feat.  But in a world of  increasing digital speed and connectivity, its no longer enough to be able to read.  You need to be able to read at speed and to be able to comprehend what you are reading.  Interestingly we also live in an era of rapidly declinging literacy rates   not a good thing for children who are already drowning in information from the first time they do a Google search for a 
school project in grade 1.  And information overload will continue at a pace.

So, if your childs school doesnt offer speed reading and touch-typing as subjects or extra options, then do  make sure that at some point you create an opportunity to give your child the benefit of acquiring these skills that will not just boost their productivity but their confidence and self-esteem too.  They will go a long way to helping our children to love learning,  helping them to contribute to, and shape the body of knowledge that we are all  co-creating  at speed  in addition to predictive text and 
voice activated software among others.  As learning is one of the five key  X-factors for success in the future world of work, we need to do everything we can to make learning easier and more enjoyable  they are going to be doing this for life!

Speed reading and touch typing are excellent skills for greater efficiency in life.  Being able to operate and navigate technology confidently  from cellphones to computers to the Internet and other electronic gadgets  will enable learners to manipulate, disseminate and acquire infomation quickly.  Competence in this area will assist with time management and enhance communication and presentation skills.

'Future-proof Your Child' (Penguin, 2008) written by Nikki Bush & Dr Graeme Codrington.

Nicky Bush - The Bright Ideas Outfit
The Bright Ideas Outfit ... with bright ideas for busy parents!
Creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush is an inspirational speaker, author, educational game designer and toy judge. Her work is fuelled by her passion for play and her commitment to helping parents and teachers to find creative ways of connecting with today’s children.  
Nikki’s book, Future-proof Your Child co-authored with best selling author and futurist, Dr Graeme Codrington, was published in October 2008 by Penguin. Recently, Future-proof Your Child was honoured by being selected and ordered for the Penguin US Global Catalogue.