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Big Ball Rugby Trading Cards

Location: nationwide at selected retail stores and online  
Ages: fun for all  
The 25 winners of Double Packs are:
Ananda, Marie P, Alicia N, Alison, Carrie-Anne G, Fikele N, Beth, Cherie, Dan T, Dev M, Helena D, Sam N, Kerry P, Isabel, Jen T, Janine E, Kim P, Karen P, Shelley E, Siyabonga G, tamryn, Beverley, Wendy M, Lesmarie, Sandy O,.

The BIG-BALL 2010 Collection will be available in CNA, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Toy and other stores, nationwide from 1 September 2010. 

On the front of each card is an action photo of the player with gold star ratings in recognition of being chosen to play for South Africa.

On the back are the player's stats - how tall he is, how much he weighs, what school he went to, when and where he was born and how many times he has played for his Province and his Country - everyday people, who through motivation, hard work, opportunity and a measure of talent, have excelled in their chosen field. There is also an album that can be obtained to keep your treasure safe.

The exciting BIG-BALL Collections are the only that celebrate South African sporting personalities. The BIG-BALL 2010 Collection of over 220 Rugby trading cards features rugby players from 5 of South Africa's top provincial Rugby Unions - Blue Bulls, Cheetahs, Golden Lions, Sharks and WP Rugby.

Our ambition? To use the Collectables Virus to:

  • make excellence a part of everyday life
  • make South Africa's Heroes easily accessible
  • provide role models that are meaningful
  • give Dads something they know about to share with their kids
  • let kids have 'Good Clean Fun' while they learn

Rugby. Love it, Live it.

Susan and Kim.