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Pilates for Kids

It's not just the grown-ups that reap the benefits of Pilates - experts say it can be good for little ones too.  Olga Rosenberg explains the power of Pilates for kids:

Kid's Pilates has become more popular as parents are seeking exercises to keep their children healthy, strengthen their muscles and improve their co-ordination and balance.  Good exercise and fitness habits begin in childhood.

Because Pilates emphasizes consistent development, kids are not trained to develop one “pet” muscle group. Instead, all muscles—large and small alike are developed equally and concurrently, helping kids with overall strength, flexibility, injury prevention and co-ordination.  Because Pilates encourages children to be more aware and in control of their movements, they are better able to develop poise, confidence, and balance. When engaging in Pilates for kids, make sure that your kids know the benefits they can get from Pilates and fitness. 

Pilates is a great way to enhance your kid’s sporting capability.  In this regard, athletes use it as a great cross-training technique and it is also a good physical and mental foundation for developing skills and interests in sports.    No matter the athletic ability of a child, Pilates gives them the chance to feel that they have achieved.  This is especially beneficial for kids with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder as it calms them down and helps them focus.

Pilates for kids can be a fun and creative time. It was Joseph Pilates’ dream to have children learn his exercises so they would grow up knowing how to take care of their bodies for the rest of their lives.  When you learn things as a child, they truly stay with you forever.

Olga Rosenberg, Founder of Olinia Pilates, focuses on the Pilates principle of encouraging natural movement – a real cornerstone in helping to avoid injury and maintaining weight and fitness. Visit the Facebook page for Olinia Pilates Studio in Bedfordview or call 011 022 7204.