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The Tooth Fairy Journals

The Tooth Fairy journalby Projeni Pather, Director The Baby Expo MamaMagic

When my daughter’s first tooth fell out there was great excitement about the arrival of the tooth fairy, from everyone in our home including myself. Little did I realise what a journey this would be.

So not only does our tooth fairy leave you a little present or money (if she is not feeling very creative) but she leaves you a little note. And when my daughter was able to write her own notes she too started leaving notes for the tooth fairy in anticipation of her response.

So now when the tooth fairy (AKA: Mum in PJs) is due to arrive, she cannot just write any note but has to write in response to my daughter’s letter, which is often well after 10pm to ensure that all is clear. This requires the skill of a bank robber, who steals into her room to obtain the treasured tooth and note... and sometimes little trinkets. Then move stealthily back to my bathroom, where I can switch on the light without disturbing my sleeping husband, to read the note. I then proceed to gather the foreign notepaper (so that my daughter will not see that it comes from my desk) and carefully write a letter from the tooth handwriting that does not look like my own.

We have lost 7 teeth already so by now I have mastered this art. But how do you respond when her note goes like this:

Dear Tooth Fairy (BFF – Best friends Forever)

Will you be my best friend?  Please tick here (little tick boxes inserted for YES or NO)
Please will you come for tea in the afternoon? Please tick here. YES or NO
Please will you make my wishes come true?  Tick here.  YES or NO.

Love from Mikara

The Tooth fairy’s response:

Dear Mikara

Thank you for another shiny tooth.  Yes, I am still your best friend.  Sorry I can’t come to tea as I sleep in the daytime and collect teeth at night. And all your wishes should come true if you keep on being good, helping others, being kind and listening to your mum and dad.  Spend your money wisely.
Keep Brushing

Your Tooth fairy

 Dear Tooth fairy (BFF)

Please can you give me some magic? Tick here. YES or NO.
Please wake me up, cause all I want is to see you.  Plees...pleese....pleese.....pleese pleees

Love from Mikara

After much pondering and nudging my sleeping husband to help (to no avail), The Tooth fairy’s response:

Dear Mikara

I am glad to visit you again my dear friend.  Thank you for another shiny tooth.  I would love to wake you up to meet you but if I do I would lose my magic I would never be able to be a tooth fairy again.  Just close your eyes and imagine.  I have rainbow coloured wings, sparkling brown hair, twinkly black eyes and an indigo coloured dress made from the finest silk. My hair sits on my shoulders with a chain of flowers as my crown. My magical silver shoes carry me everywhere and my silver wand helps me take your tooth away and leaves your reward.
Now you can draw a picture of me so you will always remember my rosy cheeks, my stumpy nose and my big smile.

Love from, Your Tooth fairy.

PS. Enjoy the book.  I know you can read now.  Make sure you share some stickers with your brother and teach him too.

As tired as I am when I have to write these notes, I must admit that I truly enjoy making this experience magical. So, the tooth fairy shall continue to live in my house for as long as I can keep the magic going.

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