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ADHD Support Group

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, it can be a very challenging time not only for your child, but for you and your family. It can help to have support - not only from qualified 'experts', but from very real parents who are in a similar situation. Many of us have valuable lessons to pass on from our experiences.

The following is a contribution from Kerry Sampson who would like to encourage mom's feedback to research the possibility of a support group specifically for 'ADHDers' in Durban.

Why form a Support Group?

1. We know that there are many families in our area who live with at least one 'ADHDer' in their household and we know that it can be quite challenging at times (to say the least), especially when it comes to managing the educational aspect of their lives. 
We as parents need to become informed about the condition so that we can make positive strides in helping them. We need to become an “educated” group of people who can stand together and become effective advocates for our children and also support one another as we learn to reach and teach our children effectively so that they can fulfill their potential.
2. Having a child with this condition, which often manifests as a behavioural problem, can be extremely worrisome.  Worry can be toxic and it helps not to worry alone and be able to talk to others.  Toxic worry is usually based on wrong information or lack of information and so we’d like to get the facts ‘out there.’ 
Once you have the facts it is easier to make a plan. Once you have a plan you usually feel more in control. Being part of a support group is about staying out of the passive position where toxic worry feasts and making plans.
3. Surrounding yourself with people who are sharing some of your experiences can alleviate some of the sense of loneliness and help you regain perspective and see the humour in all the messes and fixes these kids can get into.
4. Support groups can be uplifting, proactive and informative.

What are your needs?

In order to determine the possibilty of organising such a support group, I would like to hear from you as to what you would like to get from such a group.  Please complete the attached questionnaire and add any further comments.

Please forward this request to other parents you might know who are in the 'same boat’. The more people we reach, the more we can support each other and our children....Take a deep breath, count to ten, hold on tight and enjoy the ride!!

Please email Kerry or call 082 323 8131 for more information.